Switchword Ideas?

Hi---Well first off thanks always for all your help! I've learned so much from all of you...Now--I go tomorrow to pick Dylan up from his visit with his father. His father has done some masterful manipulating on Dyl during this visit. So I need a few switchword ideas so I can get through tomorrow. Here are the things I need to get through:Switchwords for:Protecting myself from the words of my ex when I see him.Ensuring the manipulation doesn't plant seed in my sonGuarding myself from the hurtful words I may hear from wither his dad or my sonIgniting his desire to be homeAny ideas?thanks--annie

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    seem like good ones to me. Prepave for a good experience picking him up and reintegrating him in your home. See him walking in with a smile on his face. See him joyful. Remember what your want which is to feel good with our son, and why you want it. Forget the how. Feel that experience of being safe, being happy, and coming happily home. You are in your own vortex.
  • Here is such a fun story that happened today Annie.
    I got a message to join that cool tapping group. So I did some tapping on an issue I had with not feeling quite as successful as someone else in my kids eyes. So I tapped away and I kid you not within one hour news channel 3 called and wanted to do a story on me and my Noni Juice. So they brought in a full crew with cameras and did a story on me and included my girls sinse they drink it.
    Well needless to say my girls thought I was "too cool".
    So feel really great about yourself and the rest will fall right in place.
    Here is the tapping group http://powerfulintent.ning.com/group/advancedefthealingbeginsnow
    • Kim thanks so much! Great story--- I love Noni Juice and I am so interested in tapping. Your advice is always so helpful. Thanks again--blessings annie
    • congratulations!!!!!! Kim pls post the video if you can...so cool
    • OOO what a great idea DIVINE CHARM. If I can get it on C.D. do you think it would be pretty easy to get it online??
    • I'd love to see it!

      your friend --annie
    • Patra is the video specialist here. I am sure she will know how to do that..
      If it is not possible in powerfulintentiosn, you can always Youtube it
  • Hi Annie
    no matter how hard it seems banish all negative thoughts with CANCEL, protect with TOGETHER DIVINE GUARD
    • Divine Charm--thanks thanks thanks--- I never used the last one and I put it on my special list...

      with love alwasy--thanks for your help! Annie
  • These are some of the switchwords that have been suggested to me and I have found them to be extremely helpful:

    GUARD...for your personal protection
    DIVINE SWEET DYLAN....to soothe your son
    DIVINE-HELP...to help clear dilemma
    DIVINE-PEACE....to increase ability to maintain emotional stability
    ELATE-ACT.... Insult from someone (not have it affect you, like water beading off a duck’s back)
    POSTPONE-CHANGE..... Let go of emotional & physical pain .
    POSTPONE-CANCER.....Let go of emotional distress
    POSTPONE-BLUFF...Let go of fear or nervousness
    LIMIT-QUIET....Stop a fight
    TAP AROUND....to convert another, to improve perspective
    TOGETFER....the master switchword to be used with any of the above

    I hope these are helpful, trust that all will be well when you son gets home...surround him with love.
    Love & Joy,
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