What do you all think???

Recently I have had much chaos in my home, today I started using DETACH as a switchword everytime I felt I was being drawn into the drama and it worked really well . A friend had suggested yesterday that I needed to detach myself from the mayhem. When the drama started DETACH just popped into my mind and I was able to stand back and not become engaged. I think this could be a personal switchword for me...any thoughts on this?Love & joy,Cyndi

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  • I love it! I will remember this. You could add REACH AROUND, so DETACH REACH AROUND becomes let go/raise yourself up/to a new perspective.
  • TOGETHER DIVINE ORDER GUARD works well for protection for highest good of all
  • This is for Patra and Kim kudos to both of you for keeping this group a fair ground for all of us to grow without any guru-ideology and most of all for keeping group upbeat with dynamic gifs and videos.

    BTW according to Masaru Emoto THANK YOU was the most powerful word and it created the energy to produce the most beautiful water crystals.


  • Thanks Patra,
    U r a gem of a person:)
    These r just fabulous.. too good :) :) :) :) :)

  • yiee.pieeeeeeeeeee..:):):) I too got it ...Thanks Patra..U R GREAT IN EVERYTING :>
    • Hahahaha...isn't he cute?!! :)
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      This one & the one below for you two.

    • This is for both of you Kim & Itaya from me & Patra too.I hope u don't mind Patra.I m so excited with these moving icons of yours. Pl do post more if you have them.Thanks in advance.
  • Awesome! :)

    Thanks Patra!!

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