I wanted to share with you something amazing that has been going on for the last couple of weeks.I have been using the I LOVE YOU phrase for 2 minutes at a time and just kept saying it to myself till my body buzzed with wonderful energy. So it has become a little habit.The next thing that started happening was everytime I was about to find fault with myself in the mirror or my mind I would immediately start saying I LOVE YOU over and over to myself or the bodypart I was "concerned with" .Well the results are fabulous. I am looking and feeling better than I have in a long time. And my "little contrast cold" that I totally created by throwing a major fit is almost gone. I feel much better than I did befor the cold so I also attribute this to my chanting of I LOVE YOU. It is like Jasmuheen says when you say this to your body it really hears it and responds positively.Do not think you need anytime to do this . Just start saying it anytime and anywhere to yourself and watch miracles happen.TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE KIM

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  • I love this 

    great reminder

  • Hi Goddess Radiant Love

    awesome Name 

  • This is so great and am immediately going to begin using it. Merci.
    • You can expect some wonderful results Carolyn.
      Lately if I do not feel so good after interaction with another person I also start saying I LOVE YOU over and over until this feeling subsides. I do not try to contact the person to "explain my side" I just say I LOVE YOU until I start "buzzing with LOVE " .
      People can "smell' this energy on me . It is palatable and infectious. They seem to really LOVE it. I was at the grocery line the other day "practicing patience" as it seemed like all the deli workers had to come over and say something to me or the person that was helping me and this made things very slow. When all of the sudden it occoured to me that they just wanted to talk to me so I relaxed and enjoyed the moment.
      This goes back to the "knowing" that any problem we are having with another is really just a reflection of what is going on inside of us. This is the most POWERFUL knowledge I have taken in and used to date so I really want to keep talking about it and sharing..
      Lately when I tell people in my physical life that any problem with another is really about them they tilt their head like a puppy and kind of stare at me but I am now getting it so strongly I can communicate this vibrationally to them. As ABE says 90% of our communication is mental.


  • Thanks for sharing that Kim. I have been saying "thank you" over and over. I will add "I love you"
    sounds good.
    • Hi DAWN I LOVE THANKYOU and will add that my routine.
    • This is Ho'ponopono plus Dr Sha's healing method

      "Divine I apologize for whatever in me that might have affected the environment or situation resulting in my current experience.
      Divine Please forgive me
      Divine I thank you
      Divine I love you.
      Soul mind and Body I love you."
      (permission not given to reproduce this information to be sold in any form)
    • Hi DIVINE CHARM I LOVE HO'OPONOPONO. Very powerful and healing.
      LOVE KIM
  • Me & my son daily are doing this I LOVE YOU meditation, it makes us feel awesome.I run short of words to express my feelings.Pl do it & experience for your ownself.Pl post your experiences here.I'd LOVE to KNOW.
    • This is wonderful RASHMI thankyou for telling us as it is very inspiring.
      I also find it hard to express how much LOVE I have for the people here. It is a group I consider some of my closest friends and confidants.

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