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Hi allI need some help in my relationship.It is a same sex relationship.My girlfriend is suddenly hit with grief of her mother's passing three years ago. She is in a dark place right now.This took a massive turn for the worse a week ago when her ex contacted her claiming my girlfriend has ruined her life and torn her heart to shreads. The ex told this to her in person as she arrived at her home. She told it to my girlfriends son, family and friends. She said she wants my girlfriend back.My girlfriend said she now feels guilty because she knows how it feels to lose someone- her mom, and so she ferls horrible tgat she has put this pain onto her ex.She says she hates how her family and friends look at her now that she has broken this woman's heart also.She said her ex helped her through the loss of her mother and by all means was very supportive. However, this woman had a drug problem which my girlfriends family and friends do not know about which contributed to my girlfriend falling out of love with her. She waa also very controlling and my girlfriend was unhappy for over a year- again the family and friends no nothing of this and my girlfriend will not speak badly of anyone so they will never know.Last night my girlfriend who I see as the true love and liggt of my life, talked to me some. Saying she needs space. She is going to start bereavement counselling and says she feels numb. Her friend- who her ex has been contacting- had advised her to break things off with me. We talked and talked and last nights conversation ended in my telling her I will give her space as long as she needs and that I will not just give up and walk away... she said "I hope you don't, even through all of this madness" ... she also said to me that she feels the need to push me away so as not to hurt me or destroy us.What I need is for hee ex to go away. To stoo contacting her friends and family. My girlfriend went to meet her to tell her this and was met with tears and begging and a massive guilt trip.What I need to know is this: can I make her ex go away, cut ties, leave us alone?

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  • You are welcome.



  • I just wanted to say thank you and to give a little update.

    I was feeling really low anf powerless and full of doubt even after my girlfriend texting me.

    So I went onto the blue iris site and read a little. I then wrote my seitchwords on a plastic cup and filled it with water and I did some eft tapping at the different points I saw on a diagram. I just kept saying my switchwords and anytime a negative thought or doubt came into my mind I said STOP and changed it...

    So last night I got a number of texts from my girlfriend. I have only replied to her never broken my promise to give her space.. anyway it seems things are going to be fine between her and I.

    She Told me once again how much she loves me and talked to a mutual friend who has also lost a parent and she seems a little better.

    And best of all, her ex hasn't been around and appears (from facebook posts) to be getting on and enjoying her own life the last couple of days.

    So thank you ♡
  • ABIDE.

  • I hope so. I haven't heard from her since. I feel pretty down right now but I will meditate, chant and hopefully sleep well then lool forward to what tomorrow may bring . Thank you x

  • That's lovely crayola, it sounds like everything is going to work out fine x
  • I spent the last hour saying these words ovee and over anf have just received a text message from my girlfriend saying thank you for giving ne this space, I love you with every piece of me xxxx
  • Thank you Kat. Do I just chant?

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