Gone for so long...

I used to come on here quite a bit a couple of years ago..I still pop on from time to time to read, but never post...

I thought I would catch people up with what's gone on with me:

I finally left my abusive marriage of 14 years (left in october)

took my kids and went into a shelter...

went through months of gut wrenching anxiety. it was seriously the hardest, scariest thing I EVER did!!!!!

found a 'perfect' basement suite...furniture and beautiful things came easily to me.

my basement suite is sunny and warm, and bright! it looks like a cool artist's loft!

and it's in a perfect, centrally located neighbourhood.

I started cleaning houses and LOVE it!!! I work for myself and make really good money.

I have amazing clients, and you should see how buff and toned I am!

I always joke that I get paid $30 per hour to work out!!!

I started writing a book 3 years ago-never thought I'd finish it.

not only did I finish it, but I wrote a query letter and have sent to a couple of literary agents.

just waiting to hear back from the right one!!!!!

I have more money, and more cool, beautiful things now than I did when I was with my ex-even though I don't get a dime from him and I make way less... I am just naturally abundant.

I have the weekends free (the kids go to their dad's house). I go out with friends, am always at someones house for dinner...

I look more beautiful now (at 43) than I ever did in my 30's or 40's!

and how did I accomplish all of these miracles??

through diligent use of Switchwords, EFT, Scripting, writing lists of things that I'm grateful for...

I truly do not think that things could have gone so smoothly as they have, were it not for my magic box of tools....and I'd have to say that Switchwords and EFT were the main ones!!!!!!!  (in fact, I do switchwords and EFT at the same time..I 'tap' in the switchwords)

I remember, when I used to come on here, and I didn't see how I was ever going to get away from my ex..I was terrified of the future..really terrified!!!!  I wanted to leave, but didn't see how I could survive..

and now, I'm not only surviving, but thriving..

it truly was a matter of:

jump, and the net appears.

and here's something cool:

after I sent the query letters, I was lying in bed and started tapping in some switchwords to get published..I was using RIDICULOUS and SCHEME..and then decided to use JK ROWLING as a switchword, since she was a single mom who got published and made it big...

as soon as I started chanting her name (in my head so as not to frighten my youngest boy, who was sleeping with me at the time) I felt woozy, as if I was flowing through molasses..if felt as if the energy got 'thick'...

so that tells me that using that name as a switchword, and also tapping it into myself with EFT, must have done SOMETHING!!!!

I guess I'll have to see what!

cheers, everyone!

enjoy the magic!


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  • Fiona OMG this is the most amazing story.

    I am so excited for you.

    Thank you for sharing and we will keep your dreams in a sacred space

    You deserve the best and i love the Switchword JK Rowling and I love 

    her -- her story for sure.

    Your life sounds wonderful and you created it and you are an inspiration 

    to all.

    I love all your wonderful ideas and plan to use them

    Hope you will post more often as your enery is divine

    Love love love u

    Blessings Kim

  • Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I am happy for you and your children, keep on believing and enjoying life :)

  • Very inspiring, I loved reading it xx
  • I LOVE 
    Your testimonial is an uplifting one. I praise your courage.
    I have used EFT for a while years ago, but now I have started using SW and EFT toghether. 
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Welcome to Switchwords, Marie.



  • I don't know what led me to this particular page, am fairly new to this site, exploring all that is. I cannot find the word to express how your story touched me. The strength it takes to move beyond is sometimes very scary... and yet you did it!  

    I applaud you!  May your efforts always come back ten-fold and more!

  • Awesome! I am learning EFT and I will start tapping SW's in. Cant wait and I am so happy for you!

  • Wow Fiona!! I only occasionally browse through here, and don't think that I have ever actually posted. But your story is exactly, precisely what I needed to hear right now. I left a long-term relationship almost exactly a year ago, and although things have gone pretty darn well all-in-all, I still don't feel that I have completely found my feet, and I would like to.

    So, thank-you sooooo much for the inspiration, and may everything just keep getting better, better and better for you!

    Lots of Love,


  • Hi Cheerio 

    I have been here now and again

    The book is lovely

    and your editing and contributions are invaluable.

    I am learning to get the book out there so it is a challenge and I am enjoying it.

    As I am still raising my kids book tours r not for me now

    but in the future who knows.

    We are in Florida now enjoying a family vacation.

    I have also missed seeing you and your uplifting energy here.

    Please update us on what is going on with you.

    Together Divine Love Kim

    and Kat I love Be New Now that is Divine for sure.

    • Goddess Kimmy,  first I love your name as Goddess Kimmy. 

      It conjures up all sorts of pleasing energy!


      Well, for Deleah and me we have involved ourselves with the

      current election cycle and helping out with some local election

      issues here in Maine.  Have spent much of some free time on

      internet at political websites and have had the opportunity to

      introduce certain Switchwords into the discussion without

      saying anything about Switchwords.


      Been using nearly exclusively, TOGETHER and recall

      James Mangan saying that eventuallly TOGETHER

      would be the only Switch we would use and I have

      discovered this to be the SUPER Swtich too.  I cannot thank

      James Mangan enough for his work on Switchwords.


      I may start up another discussion here about the TOGETHER...

      that is when it chooses to burst forth....


      Love and gratitude to you dear Goddess Kimmy, and thank you

      dear one for all the GOOD you do for all of us....

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