Has anyone noticed the Switchwords in . . .

the book, Activate Your Abundance?  

In looking at Kim's book recently I got

so enthused while reading some of the

passages and I wondered if anyone

else noticed how the Switches got inter


Incidentally, Activate Your Abundance

helped Deleah and me....we most

recently purchased a home here in

Maine.   That is a story in itself.


Thank You so much Kim for the work

you did on the book.


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  • Oh Savvyheal I posted these for you tooooooo

    love uuuuuuu

    • Thank you dear Kim.

  • Well u did alot of that when you edited the book Cheiro!!

    Thanks again for your amazing contributions to Activate Your Abundance

    So I would say you healed your and your gorgeous wifeyyyyyyy

    I send you peace and blessings Kimmy.


    By the way have you seen the latest article I did on healing poverty consciousness-- it is filled with new techniques to heal and shift our fears around money-- which even the millionaires have at times--- brought in part by the amazing Amorah Quan Yin -- who left earth 3 months ago but is very much here helping us with this.

    Here is the article if inspired-- and congratulations on the new home.



    Amorah says the most important thing we want to learn and practice is grounding

    videos below

    Grounding here

    Then follow with your golden sun

    and last but not least understand and remove poverty consciousness which even the millionaires have at times

  • Congrats Cheiro! It is a real great news!

This reply was deleted.