I do NOT want a permanent job, I do get told about those offers but several times I have taken on a permanent teaching job and ended up HATING them.  I enjoy the day to day teaching work - getting a booking for the day or in advance (even better) to go in to a school when a teacher is sick/on a course/doing their admin time etc.  I have gotten 4 days a week of this before, sometimes even 5 but it has slowed down & recently I had a child allege - WRONGLY! - that I pulled her hair...since then I think I got freaked out but tried to imagine it had been different...now however a few schools have suddenly said to one of my agents they don't want me for the booking.  I am also told about another permanent job (that I DO NOT WANT!) I want to fix the money thing but only doing things I ENJOY.  I.e. day to day bookings and also I REALLY REALLY want a business on the side.  That is EASY EASY EASY - damn it Universe, are you listening to me? Easy, lucrative and fun.  I have some other agencies working on my behalf getting contacts for me and making inquiries and two others really wanting me to sign up with them again, usually I get great feedback so what happened is a shock.  I have a car payment coming up and credit card debt.  I want money.  Lots of it.  I want abundance.  I want financial freedom.  I want to do much more of the work that I DO enjoy.  I want alternative income streams that are incredibly easy and fun for me to do.  Any ideas on switchwords to help?  How do I open the flow cos lately I almost feel like i am cursed! (Although, like I said, there ARE things in the pipeline, plus I have received a package of goodies and more are on the way, one is coming today so that feels quite abundant! 

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  • @char delato,

    What are the names of the Facebook switchword groups?

    What does Golden Sunrise help with?

    • The Switchwords Groups on Facebook which I am an administrator on:


      Switchwords Chat (private group):


      Switchwords for Females:

      Switchwords, Law of Attraction, EFT, etc.:

      GOLD-SUNRISE means "Shine under pressure, enduring rewards, incorruptible new, burgeoning growth and development."

      For what you ask, work with GIVE-TAKE-53-COUNT-CHARM-SOMEHOW.

      The GIVE-TAKE-53-COUNT represents a job, CHARM is to manifest your heart's desires and SOMEHOW is to release the details and let it be.

      I do not align with "golden" as a Switchword.  For me Switchwords come out very specific, and one form of word may not be one, yet another is.  GOLD means "an enduring reward; shine under pressure; incorruptible"

      I trust this information will be helpful for you.



      Switchwords are powerful poignant words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchw…

      I didn't konw about those other groups.

    • You are welcome.



  • Hi there. I wonder if you have heard about: GOLD-SUNRISE.

    I have heard really marvelous things with it and used it recently. If you have a Facebook account, there are several wonderful Switchword groups. A lot of them incorporate SWs, number codes, and diffusing words. I find them really encouraging for some things. 


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