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Switchwords Videos

For all Lovely members of this group....Watching SW videos twice a day for a long period of time will permanently change mind's frequency and mind will adjust itself at auto pilot mode forever....once mind start attracting automatically then no need

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New Switchword for the New Year

For you I submit


Together Divine Transmute

For what is magic other then the ability to "alchemise or transmute the negative emotions into Gold 

;) hehe

So next time u find yourself going to that "poopy" place

Take a deep breath, smile and say alo

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Switchwords and baby-making :}

I've really enjoyed playing with Switchwords since I came across them this past summer! It's been both FUN AND surprisingly EFFECTIVE =} and I've learned most everything right here!! so THANK YOU!!

Now, I was wondering if anyone could offer some thoug

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Vortex Switchword

Most recent Abe monthly CD

Abe went on a "rampage" (God i love when they do that)

on how many people pop

in and out of the vortes

they were all in and in

and out and out and out and out


their point being we need to focus on getting in and staying in more

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Muffin's Quick Switchword Guide

You have to go to the front page to look up definitions, but here's a guide for finding the right switchwords.Money/Career related:WASTE, FIND, HOLE, NEXT, PERSONAL, SOPHISTICATE, SWEET, GIGGLE, ACT, SWING, TAKE, HOLD, COPY, ATTENTION, TOGETHER, SPEN

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Aloha to my bros and sistahs:I am new here ... my name is Kyra. I met darling Kim on another juicy forum (juice feasting) and she told me all about SWITCHWORDS so I've been working with 'em for a specific purpose for the last two days and BOOM!ON ON

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Check out these Powerswitch videos!

Here are some cool videos!.Feel free to check them out!They really work! Fast!Switchwords and Sacred Geometry Images for Love, Abundance, Success and Wealth on Top of Beautiful Musical Background.Why Is Abundance Attracted to Me? Powerswitch Universe P

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