Mu daughter is sad

Can i help my sixteen year old. She's an only child, lonely, sad and has had a little fallingbout with her best friend who has kinda found a new best friend.I feel my heart breaking for her and I'm afraid she will get caught up with the wrong people now like she has in the past.Can i use switchwords to keep her away from trouble and get her back eith her bff and have her mood elevated?

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  • This woman's Solomon Seals are Divine

    that is a picture of the lead angel 

    Metatron and the Solomon Seal that is supposed to bring great blessings.

    Oh and teens r going to go through challenges so just know "this too shall pass"

    and keep yourself grounded and in your power.  She is blessed to have U


    this is the seal for tranquility you can make a copy and put it by her candle for protection,

  • Light a candle for three days, praying 

    for healing for her. Ask her angels to help.

    They can only help when asked. A mom is aloud to ask on behalf of her kids.

    I place healing crystals around my candles with intention.

    Rose Quartz for love

    Turquoise for healing

    u may use any

    even a stone from your yard or flowers

    and set the intention

    Moms are very powerful

    I have done this with much success 

    Together Divine Be 

    is to create health

     write her name 

    date of birth and those words

    and place it safely under the candle


      smudge the area when no one is around that helps with depressed homes and people, I do it daily in our home.

    She may have a spirit bugging her or hanging around so be aware 

    and send them on their way with the sage

    This woman's incense will clear an area so well

    "Believe to Receive" 

    also if there is a spirit bugging her the Solomon Seals command them and make them leave if U say so]

    this one is very strong for health and making any unwanted spirits leave

    there r 44 and they r all very powerful. The one with the Scorpion on it is really strong for protection and health too. If u r on a budget U can find just make a copy of one from the internet and place that by her candle with intention.

    but remember "do no harm" use your wisdom for good or it comes back many times -- this is law as U know

    Blessings Kim

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