Rebuilding a loving relationship

I have been in a relationship for 4 years and lateley we have been disconnected. There is love there but also a lot of miscommunication and that leads to anger. Not to the point fights s such but there are a lot of argyuments. I also feel very taken for granted and unappreciated and when i mention it to her she says that she is the one who is taken for granted. This is not a gaslighting situation where I point something out and it gets twisted back to make me feel I've done wrong. This is a situation where we are not communicating properly or truthfully so as to avoid arguments but then it builds up into something worse. 


Anyway I moved back to my apartment on Friday. Today is tuesday. We are taking some time apart. We haven't spoken since Sunday since the time apart thing was mentioned.


What  I want to know is this: 

How can we get things back on track?


I have worked before on manifestation and i have manifested a SP in an ex back successfully but the problem I'm having is that I have been in this exact situation before with an ex and managed to manifest them back but the same situation repeated itself. 


This is not a manifest your ex back post because she is not my ex. What i want is to open up communication again, rebuild and get things back on track. 


Can anyone help or advise me?

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