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Hi all,

I am really new to switchwords, but from the time I've been reading about this I am hooked. I think I've tried just about everything but I would really like to post my success story one day and I am hoping switchwords will be the key.

I am a photographer, started as a passion and the turned it into a profession. But now everything seems to be on a rapid decline. I used to travel a lot but both the people I used to travel with and the money I had to travel have vanished. I just cannot seem to reach my peak in photography, I am good but not enough to make the kind of impact I would like to make to both earn from it as well as  get the satisfaction and fulfillment from it. Because of all this my motivation, inspiration and the kind of passion I used to have is also at an all time low.

Can you please help me with some switchphrases that will help me not only get back my energy, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration but also boost my creativity to help me earn good money with photography as well as win awards ( I 've always reached the finals but never won). Can I get back the kind of support I had and friends who were with me on this journey. Kind of feeling all alone now.

I hope these switchphrases will also help others like me who maybe looking to improve their skillsets.

Thanks so much in advance....

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