Success Story and Guidance Request

Hello eveyone, 


I am here asking for some guidance. 

Firstly I would like to share a success story: 

So my partner and I broke up and we had some trust issues, communication issues and a lot of arguments.

Anyway, Kat gave me some words to use (this was about 5 years ago) I wrote them into an energy circle and I used them as a sort of mantra falling asleep but also anytime i was feeling sad about the situation. Anyway we got back together and this method really worked for me.


So now i am here asking for help and guidance again. 

Can I manifest a connection between me and my niece again?

We were so close at one time. She and her baby who is now a toddler lived with me and we have just lost something lately.

During the time we lived together I got really attached to the baby. She was with me from 9 days old until 1 year old My niece and I did not argue or have anything happen.

We seem to have drifted over the past month. She is my daughter’s age and I know her and my daughter lost connection a long time ago following a series of arguments. They no longer argue or fight but they aren’t at all close either and very rarely speak but my niece and I always had our bond there and I am super bonded with the baby.

I have been taking the baby at weekends for the past year up until maybe 3 weeks ago. God, I miss this little toddler so much.

She brings me so much joy and I would love to somehow reconnect with my niece and have regular visits again with the baby.

Last week I set an intention and I asked someone for help also. Two people actually and they both said they would pray, meditated, set intentions (whatever word you would put in there).

During day 1 I saw my niece’s name – quite an unusual name to see.

Day 2 I saw her name again and by

Day 3 I received a text and I was able to see my niece and her child and I even got to spend a whole weekend with the baby.

Since I dropped baby home, I haven’t heard from my niece at all. She had asked me if I wanted to do the same again next week (which would be today) but I haven’t heard from her and she has not replied to any texts or phone call. I don’t want to inundate her with texts or calls. I do wish to see them again though.

I have a feeling it has something to do with my own daughter, but I can’t be sure. What can I do? How do I work on repairing a connection between myself and my niece but also between my niece and my daughter?


Although i did get to see her i have been left in the unknowing state all over again and it is really upsetting me. All i want is my regular visits again and for whatever the issue is with connection to be resolved. 

What I am asking is how do i do this? 


Can anyone guide me? 


I have looked for words on blue iris but i can't work out the right combination. can anyone help?


I guess its like reuniting with someone but it's a platonic, family thing rather than a partner. I'm jsut so confused and lost right now. Any help would be so appreciated


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  • Thank you <3 

  • Hello everyone ❤️☘️😇 

    My favorite thing to do with someone I would love to get along better with is 

    to imagine me and them laughing together and having fun and playing. 

    With this said young people need help and support and sometimes the best thing is to give them

    freedom with Love and Patience. We can have relationships with people even if they are not "with" us

    by simply sending Love and thinking loving thoughts. The Ho'oponopono is also a sure bet. Anytime you

    think of the person or situation say "I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you." over 

    and over till you feel the shift to happy. It is also productive to find a good audio of the Ho'oponopono

    and play it in the background while relaxing.

    Ho'oponopono has been used for centuries and will work with time and patience. 

    Together Divine Love and Many Blessings Kim

  • Have you looked at this >>

    Also you could use the moon cycles and moonology to meet up during positive alignment of the moon to bring in more sweetness to the relationship.

    For instance, When moon is in sign of Mercury / Gemini or its a wednesday - thats a day of communication.    

    Also, as per some vedic textbooks from far east (india) you can choose to meet at locations as per days.  Example- 

    Sundays -  parks, forests, green areas.  Mondays - for beach front, water parks, water front areas

    Going with the power of the days will also help mind to stay calm, combined with moon's energy (and transit) will enhance the experience and bring you closer.

    Switchwords will obviously play their role in all these and to empower your goal achievement.  


    Maybe - if you are expecting a lot to happen in certain way, lets break it to mini goals.

    >> 1. Clear all past issue and bring sweet memories or forgiveness

    >> 2. Create more opportunity to catch up and start again with love

    >>3. Then bring in magical attraction towards on other...

    and so on...

    So you use different set of switchword and energy circles for each goal you define & wanna reach.

    If  our mind finds it hard or it doubts how will it happen - oh I need perfect switchword -- then the best way is to break your goals into MINI STEPS and go one by one.

    One very strange remedy I am aware of -- to bring sweetness is -- Add a spoon of honey in your bath water and before going for a meeting, consume honey. So the magical effect of honey - its sweetness and healing power remains in your aura and in your words.

    I wish you good luck. 


    Blue Iris Learning Center, a place to simply BE.
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