Switch words for a specific position

Hello !

I have used simple switchwords for small events ( parking spots, good seating in restaurants etc) but want to move up the ante by using it for serious things now. in particular a specific job that I fulfill all the requirements for. However even though my contemporaries have landed similar positions and promotions i still have not.

these are fairly lucrative jobs and if i were to get this opportunity it would literally double my income and even more importantly add a lot of prestige to me and my family!

please, Kat, Kimmy, and other experts recommend something hard hitting that can bring me into the radar screen of those who select applicants for such positions

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  • Hi Kat,

    Would this  mantra be effective for me on my job search? Like how me stand out among other candidates?

    • RIDICULOUS is to center attention on you

      SCHEME is to advertize (yourself)

      PERSONAL is to become a success

      Everything else supports those and getting a job.

  • Thanks Kat! Will make my mantra from today

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