Dear Kat

I feel so fortunate to find this website & Switchwords. I have been going through lot of turbulence in life since 2013. And recent one has been tarnishing experience that swept off my savings and rendered me jobless for a year. Have lost many friends (different cities, job changes, my spiritual inclination etc). Struggling to find a job that can offer work-life balance and harmony.

I am an introvert who doesn't talk much to people, shy reserved and will do my thing in one corner without harming others. That becomes a trouble at work where everyone is expected to be highly active, machismo, masculine and authoritative when it comes to leading the team.

Over last few years I was stuck in a wrong job, tolerated a lot of homophobia, exploitation by boss just to save money to move overseas for job. 

2013 onwards I tried to work odd job to save and move abroad.  in 2018 December got an visa agent who actually duped me and I had to return within 3 months with all savings gone. I realize it takes time to forgive people who hurt without us doing anything wrong to them. But it was a great lesson.

On the one hand, I crave a miraculous new life without these cheaters, and other side, I feel they should be exposed, so that no one else faces all this. Struggles of an INFP personality, a dreaming Pisces.

Now, I am totally torn - at 40 I am single, with a breakup that had hurt me immensely in 2012, I dont want him back.  I am safe single yet I deserve to love and be loved, though I don't look as hot as a model - I am confident that I am an amazing partner (a caring soul inside). But being introvert is a problem, where do I meet a nice man ?  How do I manifest it....

I am still focusing on the positive - at a collective level. Have immersed myself into meditation & healing. Its also difficult to chase material things when one is deeply inclined to spiritual side. But I need to survive somehow, and a side of me wants to live great abundant  life and pass on the love & ease others. This career doesn't have a designation, its an inner calling or a process I feel.

Could you please help me with switch-words that will help me manifest:

  1. A confident new protected life where I can shine and help others. Financial freedom, a wonderful career, where I can decide my own timings not being a slave to corporate culture. Manifesting kind & collaborative boss, colleagues at work & good neighbors. ( I might have to relocate to a metro-city).
  2. A loving caring husband, I genuinely believe in Love. I deserve a truly spiritual, kind, mature, abundant mindset, understanding, respectful, loving, protective, financially stable, soulmate whom I can form a nurturing bond with.
  3. I have a strong desire to settle in Australia or Canada. (I have been to Canada but things didn't work  but I believe Life can give ANOTHER CHANCE).

Please please help me with switchwords that could be applied. I keep getting inner voice that I was born for something bigger, something thats NOT just IT, Digital, Bank, Corporation, Govt jobs. There is more to life. Please help me align to it.

Thank you , thank you a million times for taking the time out to read and help me.

May all be happy and blessed.



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