Thank YOU!!


I was given these words when I asked for help getting my girlfriend back. I tried and tried to keep positive and kept saying these words over and over, I wrote them on paper, I carried them with me and at times when I felt unhappy I used the SW "UP" just repeated it over and over and it really helped me.

My girlfriend and I are trying again. Sge approached me and she asked me back. She told me she wanted me back, she loves me and missed me and is sorry and wants us to make this relationship work. A new relationship together.

Thank you.

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  • Oh and I made contact. I sent a card in the mail to her just a good luck card for her running a race. Simple good luck and signed it. She then texted to say thanks I said you are welcome.. then she text duribg her race saying she was struggling so I send kind words of sypport and it just went from there.
  • Hi I am sorry for such late reply. I did this for a couple of weeks. Any chamce I had I just kept reoeating these words over and over...

    I am back here today as I am was looking for help with a slightky different issue and having seen my own post here I know exactly what I need to do to make things hsppn. Good luck and god bless to all ♡
  • I would like to know that too :)
  • great! how many times did you saw the switchwords? did you make contact with your gf or did she come back on her own?


  • Wonderful news!

  • I will always appreciate this Kat. Thank you



  • Brilliant
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