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New Energetic Healing Switchword Meditations

What are Switchwords??? SWITCHWORDS were created by James Mangan and REVAMPED and brought back to us by Shunyam Nirav. The concept is using certain words as a "SWITCH" as you will. Like turning on a light in you subconscious. These words are POWERFUL for getting you more of what you want. As you use these words you FOCUS your energy like a laser and results are incredible. So here is a list of words that were created befor us. Part of this groups CHARM is that we have created alot of new POWERFUL SWITCHWORDS and will continue to do so. So please feel free to join. You are the best judge of the words that work best for you. So welcome to your power and enjoy. If you are new to the concept here is a good starter thread. TOGETHER DIVINE REACH BLISS KIM

Requested SWITCHWORD list which are brought to us by James Mangan and .
Shunyam Nirav. Bless them for their wonderful inspiration they are with us always.

To create new ideas-ON.
To reduce smoking-COUNT.
To get in mood for writing-GIGGLE.
To stay young and to look young immediately-LEARN.
To be a good mechanic-CONSIDER.
To break a bad habit-OFF.
To fall asleep- OFF
To wake up- ON
To meet a deadline-DONE.
To sigh-HO.
To upset an opponent in such a game-FIGHT.
To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess-CUT.

To display pep and sudden energy-MOVE.
To turn a setback into an uplift-ELATE.
To remember, in the sense of memorization-CARE.
To remember something forgotten-REACH.
To find lost or misplaced article-REACH.
To solve a problem-REACH.
To prevent a person or action from annoying one-CANCEL.
To obliterate a negative thought-CANCEL.
To dispel a worry-CANCEL.
To sell-GIVE.
To aquire a skill-WATCH.
To love to read-JUDGE.
To maintain good health-BE.
To be kind-TINY.
To invent-REACH.
To relieve constipation-SWIVEL.
To heal a scab-ALONE.
To stop drinking-SAVE.
To keep a resolution-DONE.
To destroy remorse-TOMORROW.
To cease regretting-THANKS.
To secure transportation-ON.

To cure hypersensitivity-DUCK.
To prevent pouting streak-POSTPONE.
To handle anything unpleasant-ADJUST.
To dispel an attack of the blues-UP.
To act on good impulse-NOW.
To stop faultfinding-PRAISE.
To build will power-DONE.
To banish lonesomeness-BE.
To get rid of inertia-MOVE.
To avoid poverty or debt-CANCEL.
To nourish ambition-ON.
To eliminate procrastination-DO.
To promote-FOR.
To advertise-SCHEME.
To secure publicity-RIDICULOUS.
To retain good feeling or sense of well-being-STRETCH.
To assume or carry a burden-ADJUST.
To get something out of eye-CHANGE.
To dispel ache or pain in any part of body-CHANGE.
To turn on personality-CHUCKLE.
To turn on politeness or courtesy-TINY.
To convert another-TAP.
To dispel nervousness-BLUFF.

To dispel conscious fear-BLUFF.
To call forth extra personal ability-DIVINE.
To preserve personal safety-GUARD.
To make yourself beautiful or handsome-PRAISE.
To aquire good taste-COPY.
To keep a secret-FOREVER.
To subdue inner excitement-COVER.
To get to sleep-OFF.
To build-PUT.
To dress better-SPEND.
To find percentage-ADD.
To learn a secret-WAIT.
To improve your mental telepathy-BETWEEN.
To withstand impatience-SLOW.
To handle success-SUFFER.
To handle prosperity-SUFFER.
To avoid carelessness-ATTENTION.
To improve perspective-AROUND.
To build character-HOLD.
To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering-UNCLE.
To develop or increase endurance-CONTINUE.
To be wise-SLOW.
To achieve peace of conscience-BE.

To build, produce-ON.
To develop leadership-TAKE.
To build a fortune-FIND.
To make money-COUNT.
To develop courage-SWING.
To read the future-LISTEN.
To work miracles-DIVINE.
To do anything-TOGETHER.
To lose inferiority complex-UP.
To become an orator-ACT.
To publish a successful newspaper-PERSONAL.
To publish a successful magazine-SOPHISTICATE.
To make your children obedient-CROWD.
To be compatible with others-WITH.
To be soothing to others-SWEET.
To be pious-SHOW.
To complete a lot of detailed work-NEXT.
To create appeal-HOLE.
To design-SCHEME.
To appear rich-WASTE.
To create beauty-CURVE.
To appear cultured-CLASSIC.
To help others-GIVE.
To bury your grudges-REVERSE.

To reduce your bragging-DOWN.
To lose pettiness-MAGNANIMITY.




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  • Dear Kat,

    I have been trying to conceive for last 8-9 years, had 3 IVf also but it didn't click. My doctors are always surprised at the negative result because the embryos, endometrial lining & sperm are all of good quality (A+ 10) but for some reason the results are not favorable. They say it could be that my body is not accepting the embryos but I am eagerly waiting for my baby. Could please provide some guidance / SW as to how I can prepare my body and deliver a happy & healthy baby.

    Thanks & regards

  • Dear Kat , 

    Good day ! I stumbled upon your site on switch words
    Got interested and decided to get in touch with you.

    I am in the most worst situation in my life.That's when I saw your site .

    I am married and we both loved each other a lot,Rather I would say used to . I still love him unconditionally .Dono what happened Small tiffs lead to my husband not taking to me at all now and we are staying away . I know how Much
    We loved eachother , he never used to get angry even if he didn't like somethinb also . So that Pend up emotions burst all of a sudden ,may be.
    Now he doesn't want anyone ... And he feels we are not comparable and can't adjust. He is not ready to even speak to me to tell me whats wrong, just running away.

    He is a extremely  good person at heart . Everyone loves him. He can't
    hurt anyone at all that's his original nature . So I wanted
    To check with you , if I can use some switch words .
    Even though he hates me now ,may be . I know
    He is sad and suffering mentally , I want to help him. I want to give him
    Back to everyone .
    He is anger at me from last one year

    But I don't even have a drop of anger for him. Because I know him that well .

    And I am waiting for him from last one year patiently , my mind says since am true God will give him back to me.

    Please suggest some switch words and whats your best sugession. I am chanting DIVINE-MIRACLE-BEGIN-NOW - HusbandName and I have a happy marriage together. 
    I dono if this is just enough since the issue is really compplex, from 7 months he has completely cut off the contact , I don't even have his contact number. 
    Please help. 
  • does kat still check here?

  • Hi Kat, I have an urgent question. I require to manifest over $2K within 24-48 from now. I feel a sense of dread since I'm self employed and have no idea how this money will come in time. Last month, around April 20,  I wrote the switchwords: Divine Rich $10,000 before April 25, 2016 Full With Perfect Count Suddenly Somehow 100%. On April 23, my vehicle was rear ended from behind. The insurance company offered me $750 for inconvenience and mailed the check out right away, and then they gave me a check for $1344 for vehicle repair (which I had to use for bills). I believe switchwords work, but I definitely dont want money to come to me with any sorrow added with it. So, I'm wondering if this switchword string is good to use in my situation and if the word somehow is not the right word to use? 

  • You are welcome, Llawen.

  • Thank you so much Kat, I appreciate you xxx <3

  • You are welcome, Haelo.



  • Thank you, Kat.  I will use these.

  • Haelo - I would think for car to be in good repair - CONSIDER-WHEELS-EVER-ON.

    For safety and protection - KEEP-DIVINE-GUARD-UP.



    PURGE-CANCEL may be helpful too.  I wrote an article with a suggested technique utilizing PURGE-CANCEL, which I suggest you follow for a full month to create and ingrain a habit of positive thinking.  YOU can do it whether he does or not.

    And your thought of MOVE-TOGETHER-BRING-THANKS-TRUST-LIGHT-CHARM-BE is just great too!

    I just updated 3 new colors on the Colored Energy Circles this past weekend:


    Goldleaf - learn about Energy Circles at

    There is a list with links to the most popular articles at:


    Welshgirl - what is your focus?  If you are holding onto lack of what you want, you continue in lack.


    Ms GaPch: Take a pen or marker, or whatever and trace his hand on a paper, closing off the end where the wrist is.  Make sure there are no breaks in the line, then use as an Energy Circle.


    Sorry so slow in responding.



  • Hi everyone I want to do a handprint ec for someone new to switchwords he needs a total reprogramming how do I do one properly

This reply was deleted.

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