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  • Hi All,

    I would like to have love reading for myself and my GF, Can someone help me

  • Hey all,

    I am a new Tarot reader wanting to share with anyone who is interested.

  • Hi

    I am interested in Tarot card readings and I was wondering if someone can do a reading for me? I have a couple of questions about an issue that has been confusing me since long time now and I appreciate if someone would do this for me.

    Thank You
  • I just joined with this group. I am a beginner in Taro. I bought my first Taro cards (created by Yury Shakov -Russian Tarot of St.Petersburg) about month ago.I am happy about these cards, because they work for me very well. I use on interpreting"Gut beraten mit Taro" by Hajo Banzhaf. I read that book in Estonian. I will be happy to find a good Taro book in English as well, because I would like to learn English. May be anyone can recommend me some book for beginners.
  • Welcome Wanitha!! I'm not exactly sure what you mean...do you want to learn how to read the deck or do you want a reading? Please advise. And come on all you other members, let's get some sparks flying in this group! Peace.
  • hi allllllllllll...i m a newbie here.. would like to learn from tarot readings. pls help.
  • Ok Gavin I am Rita Coulon 2/15/1966 what else would you need.
  • I'm sure any number of us would be happy to read for you. Perhaps one of us is even in your vicinity. If not, and you're in the States, someone could read for you over the phone. How about giving us a few more details and I'm sure one of us able bodied Tarotists will step up to the plate!! And remember, this is a safe place so feel free to share whatever you'd like; it will go no farther. Blessings.
  • Can someone give me a reading?
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Preferred Decks...

I'd like to get a broad sampling from the other members about which deck(s) they like/use the most and why. I bought a Rider-Waite deck close to 20 years ago and still read with it. It's my favorite deck because I connect really strongly with the images and colors. I also feel as though I recognize the images from another lifetime and that is why I'm so strongly bonded to this particular deck. Over the course of the 15+ years that I've been working with the cards, I've used a number of…

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Does anyone have suggestions for learning Tarot? Favorite Books? Website?

I would love to hear from others of how they come to theknowledge of Tarot and how they developed their skills.Some books I have are The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien featuring the Thoth deck. It is the first one I owned and have since read or bought others. It is very through and a good beginning as is The Instant Tarot Reader which is a 101 basic primer helping the reader to look at the card in context of the position in the spread. The deck itself is quite attractive, but smaller cards (I…

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Buying VS Gift

I once heard from someone that it is better to receive your first tarot set as a gift, rather than buying them yourself.Is that true? Have any of you ever heard of this before?I'm considering buying a tarot deck, but I wanted feedback about that weird catch that I heard.

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Doing a reading for Urself

First let me say I'm sorry on how I sent this b4. I didn't see the link..lolAnyway is it wise or possible 2 get an accurate reading when U do a reading for Urself? I've heard that U can do a reading for Urself and then I've also heard that U shouldn't do Ur own reading. What is Ur all's take on this??

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