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  • Hey, Sam!

    Congratulations on publishing "Power." :)

    I see you're in good company, having already met Rascal!

    Drop by The Enchanted Factory from time to time. Glad to have you onboard. :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hmm, well these days mainly write sci-fi/magical realism.  Have an excerpt from latest book published in, "Far Cry Magazine".  

    Here is a poem from latest book:  


    “Old man, younger brother.

    No love for one,

    No need for the other. 


    The fortunes have turned.

    We’ve gone on without you;

    The living, the spurned.


    In the Great Unknown

    The wind burns a face.

    Endure it.


  • Hi Sam --

    I've been absent for quite a while, but maybe there's a reason I happened to see your post after all this time away.

    What you got?

  • Hi all -  Writer from Colorado here.  

  • 7296788276?profile=originalI hope you find this template helpful in making your own vision boards.

  • 7296780282?profile=originalI hope you find this helpful; I'll be posting an empty template next that you can use for your own visionboards. :)

  • I like when im no longer trying and im just there. i like when the thoughts stop n i flow with good relaxed feelings. i feel safe..secure...loved....im quite restless...i believe in magic n have much to be thankful for....i was in wonder when i knew how love songs were written n it was no longer a concept...i love magical moments...shooting stars....natures amazing displays...i hope to always go back to loveliness in darker times....im glad to even have thoe awareness to desire happiness. i have luxurious dreams..i feel cozy tonight at my friends house...a pepeaceful gift from the universe....ahhh..
  • Just give me a way to escape....intervene with sweet duct tape....it will hold me together for a while...demonstrating my gettto style....i cover the holes but still deflate...so i swim for shore but am late...my mate is frustrated he had to wait...i go home n put on something dry....he picks me up n i say goodbye for a day away to play n hide and come untied
  • Anybody here ever write a LOA story? I'm working on one but don't want it to have mary sue main characters >.<

  • What happens when you mix it all together? If one method hasn't worked, do all of them at once! I'm experimenting with this idea right now :)

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A poem i wrote for a member here but I kinda like it (starts with a popular phrase)

Haters gonna hateBut I won't take the baitNo matter what they sayI know i'll find a wayThey can put me downTry to push me to the groundAnd I won't lie - it hurtsWhen you're face-down in the dirtBut I get up againAnd focus on my friendsEven if just the ones on hereAnd I brush off the dust of fearI rise up despite the lossI stop counting the costI put my head up highAnd again aim for the skySo let the haters hateRight now is not my fateIt's just a temporary placeI know I'll win my raceEven if in…

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My lover 2014

I am worthy of Love and of attracting the perfect partner for my highest good that hits me like a wrecking ball....I love that we are crazy in love..Oh yes..Mmm..He's the sexiest man on earth..OMG..Sex is pure hotness..We desire each other the most in this whole world...Our love is filled with mutual respect, sweet attention and affection, nurture, welcome, honesty and trust.  We are completely confident, secure, together, connected and free.  We always enjoy having each others best interest in…

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An affirmation rhyme I made & put on the main site, wanted to share here:

I love that I have so much free timeAnd a man of my dreams, I am his & he's mineHappy together & feeling so freeAnd abundance of good stuff now comes to meMoney comes in fun easy waysI have so much autonomy every dayMy wardrobe is full of new beautiful clothesAnd my bank account's bulging and continues to grow!My savings are vast and I have lots of dosh(That's money() I look at my life and oh gosh!I love it so much there is so much to loveA relationship that's fun easy like from aboveAnd he &…

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Promotional Language

Hi-i!I recently read something very inspiring and felt moved to promote my family musical, THE BLACKBERRY KIDS GO TREASURE HUNTING, as a result.I don't know where I'd place the promotional language that resulted, but I was really excited to come up with it. It captures the feeling of the play, and I even found myself creating a possible call-to-action, and it all happened pretty quickly. Who knows? Maybe an advertising opportunity will open up. (And, of course, it's being seen, here.)Here's…

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