Haters gonna hate

But I won't take the bait

No matter what they say

I know i'll find a way

They can put me down

Try to push me to the ground

And I won't lie - it hurts

When you're face-down in the dirt

But I get up again

And focus on my friends

Even if just the ones on here

And I brush off the dust of fear

I rise up despite the loss

I stop counting the cost

I put my head up high

And again aim for the sky

So let the haters hate

Right now is not my fate

It's just a temporary place

I know I'll win my race

Even if in baby steps I

Brush the tears out of my eye

I know I will be fine

I focus on the finish line

Enjoying the journey on the way

Shrugging off the steely clouds of doom

I break through step by step

To bright new day.

So let the haters hate

Let them try whatever bate

I'm stronger than all that it's true

I know i'm getting through

How sad for them it must be

They don't know the real me

What a thing to miss out on and yet

I avoid their nasty net

They won't define me they can't beat me

Nobody can defeat me

Though the race may seem so hard and long

They can't take away my song

And with this knowing, I push on.

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  • Dear Queenie Athenie,

    Thanks for the upbeat poem! :D

    Sorry it took a while for me to respond. I hope you'll make a habit of visiting The Enchanted Factory!

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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