I love that I have so much free timeAnd a man of my dreams, I am his & he's mineHappy together & feeling so freeAnd abundance of good stuff now comes to meMoney comes in fun easy waysI have so much autonomy every dayMy wardrobe is full of new beautiful clothesAnd my bank account's bulging and continues to grow!My savings are vast and I have lots of dosh(That's money() I look at my life and oh gosh!I love it so much there is so much to loveA relationship that's fun easy like from aboveAnd he & my friends share my interests and weSpend much time doing things fun for them & meMy body stays slim & my face it stays youthfulMy man is romantic, fun, gorgeous & truthfulFaithful & fabulous my days are so goodEverything works out well as I knew that it wouldI want it and get all I want all I needSo easily, quickly, lightening speedI'm healthy & wealthy I love me a lotI'm so appreciative of all that I've gotMiracles happen to me every dayWhen I want guidance I'm shown the wayJanuary 18th's the day when things started to changeYes that date twenty fourteen looking back now it's strangeCompared to now, wow WHAT a shift!I am so very powerful great things come to me swiftI love my guy my life my friends, meMy home with it's spaciousness and privacySo much in my life is exciting and funI'm so creative successful & KNOW the best is yet to come!And I feel it I know it as I sayI love my life & even more joy is on it's way!

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  • How dare you use two of MY threads
    (or anyone's but you've chosen to do it to
    me specifically for some reason)
    to put a blatant and unrelated advertisement in?
    Then again I guess it's still nice having my posts
  • That is awesome..gotta make a copy of it! Thanks...

  • O, Aphrodite!

    Thanks for sharing that upbeat poem with us! :D

    It's great knowing you're so appreciative of the good things in your life, and I see more making its way to you.

    Sunshine & Blessings,

    Dress-up your iPhone, nice! ;O)

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