I know it's inside me 

I won't always hide me

I know there is talent

Even if it seems latent


But sometimes I see a glimmer

Of creativity, a uniqueness

Like a brief shimmer

A hint of something untapped waiting

Why am I hesitating?

I just don't know 

Come on my heart, my soul, my mind

I need you to unite

I want to coach, sing, write

And I want to flourish like a flower

Show me my power!

Cos I know it's there I believe

This IS something I can achieve

So where IS it?

The potential's there

Sometimes I feel it so near

Like a hint of a breeze

Softly stirring leaves on jade trees

Like a shadow reminds us of sun

Let me be a one

Who can inspire

Spark up the fire!

I want to see 

How far I can go

How much I can show

I WILL be unique

I just want my OWN voice to speak

In words, in songs, in techniques!

I want to be all I can be

Expand my creativity

Like a prism of rainbows

When the sun shines on it see it glows

In that pretty pyramid

A myriad

Of colour and light

I want to sing, coach, write!

Be better than ever!

I won't wait for ever

Muse, set me free

Why do you run so far from me?

When we used to be friends

Please come back again!

Why are you holding out,

What's that all about?

Once I could construct a beautiful scene

Of words and now

That seems like a foggy half forgotten dream

Show me my power! 

I want my creativity to unfurl like a flower

Reaching its petals to the sun growing more beautiful and higher

Illuminate my spirit, I wait to be inspired! 

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  • It is OK it is an "outlet" poem getting it out a bit

    Not sure of a title, maybe The Ghost
    Or unwelcome visitor
    Or something!

    I feel like I have a malevolent ghost
    Stopping me saying what I need to the most
    Icy hands choking words so they don't get out
    Clouding my mind with fear and doubt
    I just couldn't say what I wanted to say
    So instead we simply walked away
    (The ghost cackling and grinning with gremlin-like glee
    Taking sadistic joy in sabotaging me)
    The ghost paused from his demonic dance
    I went to tell you but I'd lost my chance
    He laughed evilly as I cried at my fate
    I'd waited so long, I'd left it too late
    I hope one day that ghost of mine
    Is exorcised from the halls of my mind
    Taking its bleakness and darkness away
    Letting my thoughts feel the sun of love's rays
    As the wicked ghost creeps grudgingly out the door
    And then I can tell you what I couldn't before
    One day I hope to tell you what's true
    And the words come out easily:
    I love you.
  • New one

    Used the movie Labyrinth as a sort of metaphor
    for someone, here such as it is:

    Goblin king on a lofty hill
    Do not try to trick me still
    Despite how seductive you may be
    You remain no match for me
    entice me into your web of lies?
    Your fickle beauty I despise!
    I'll not fall for your charm or disguise!
    You may have spells to make me forget
    You only see me as a pet
    Another slave to follow you
    And blindly do your bidding for you
    I see through this labyrinth of confusion
    Though you promise me dreams it's just an illusion
    Useless rubbish you offer me as treasure
    Building your kingdom of deceit your pleasure
    I have great allies on my quest
    You try to block me but I know best
    You may be handsome strong and smart
    But no longer will you own my heart
    I remember the words that set me free
    You have no power over me!
  • OK not a great poem, so so but I stuck quite closely to the structure & I feel good that I got this out.

    There you go again
    Leaving silly messages for me
    That say so very little
    Another bit of mediocrity

    I smile and think now
    What will I reply, something with wit?
    Another shot at humour
    I wonder if you'll laugh if you see it

    There you go again
    Asking if I'm going to an event
    I haven't yet decided
    Am wondering why you ask, what's truly meant

    There you go again
    Seeing me you smile like you're happy
    We talk, it goes OK but
    After a while you turn and look away like
    You'd rather talk to anyone but me

    There you go again
    We keep smiling so flirtatiously
    You stand close listening carefully
    But again you're with another, not me

    And all it would take
    If you want me back is just to say
    So why is that so tricky
    Why do you simply hint, silly games play?

    Yes I ended it
    But only cos I thought you didn't care
    Now you act like you do
    Are you faking or just overcome with fear?

    There you go again
    I know I'll hear from or see you once more
    It seems to be your pattern
    But don't you know it's stripping my heart raw?

    There you go again
    If you want me back please just say so
    What are you hanging on for?
    Acting like you don't want me to go?

    There you go again
    Soon I will get tired of your play
    I know you miss me too
    But why is that so hard for you to say?

    I guess it's just the way
    I hope you don't leave those words unspoken
    What you really want to say
    It's the key to mend my heart so broken

    But will I ever hear
    Words that could turn all of this around
    and change our fate?
    You'd better make it soon
    Cos if you don't one day not long from now t'will be too late.
  • Wow, I just saw this! I’ve been really busy, I just could read random things in the forum. I was(and I am) working on my portfolio, so it's a good thing! 
    I can only say , I loved every one.
    I really like the way you express youself! Is very honest and from your heart. The most important thing in art, for me, is to transmit, to communicate something rather than perfection, and you have the skill of communication, really!

  • Hi Athena!

    Lovely sentiment! :O)

    I'm glad to see you trying your hand at more poetry. You're picking worthwhile ideas to explore. Rhyming suits you, it seems, as well.

    You might want to look up some of the existing inspirational verse and a style book and a short book on analyzing poetry - just to round out some of the rough spots.

    A lot more should be done in the field of inspirational verse than is being done, now. Since you mentioned elsewhere that you like incantations, consider the possibilities in that kind of diction! Keep playing with this type of stuff. It's very exciting! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • A bit bittersweet this one but I like to think it's poignant in part ;-)

    What should I call it?
    You through my eyes?
    The truth?

    Hiding away from everyone
    Too afraid to go out & have fun
    Because you're feeling much too scared
    Overwhelmed by all your fear
    Telling yourself you're just no good
    That nobody likes you, no one could
    If you could see you like I see you
    Looking through my eyes
    Seeing yourself from my perspective
    Then you might realise
    You're lovely &your beautiful,
    You're sweet & nice & fun
    You have a lot to offer
    And of you, you're the only one
    but you can't see you like I see you
    So you hide away
    Thinking that your worthless
    No one wants you to stay
    People reach out to you
    You just push them away
    How could they care?
    Living a nightmare
    If you could see you
    Like I see you
    Then you would know the truth
    You're fabulous and wonderful
    Of that you'd see the proof
    You're talented and special
    I see all this in you
    Though you can't see you
    Like I see you
    I hope one day you do
  • Wow thank you so much salome lond so lovely as always
  • It's not as good as the poems I used to write but I'll get there:

    Maybe right now my life though OK and good in parts is not ideal
    When change can really start is by remembering this aint real
    It begins from within and spreads outwards, sometimes gradually
    But though I may want to change a lot, I know it starts from me
    doesn't really matter about the cards life seems to be dealing
    The focus is on transforming our thoughts and our feelings
    And before taking actions though some say that we should
    First check in with ourselves, does this method feel good?
    And Line up with it all first vibrationally
    This my friends is for sure a key
    Finding the feeling place, following our bliss
    We'll hit the goal even though along the way we might miss
    Rather than hanging around with pity, doubt and frustration
    Reminding ourselves of small or miraculous past manifestations
    Leave those shadows alone come and dance in the sun
    It IS in the vortex, allow it, it's DONE!
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