Echanted Factory Fairy Reading!

When Giovanni asked me to do a reading for the Enchanted Factory I was pretty thrilled! How could I not do it when it's such a cool place! I also wanted to do it with my more fairytale theme decks like the unicorns and fairies haha! So when It was time to do the reading of course the fairies wanted to be in the middle of the action!


It's funny because I said no more then 3 cards and they gave me one that was too close to perfect for the Enchanted Factory!


Express your individuality

"Allow yourself to shine because you're awesome!"


The fairies are mentioning how important it is to express yourself in all ways.


As people (and fairies) we pride ourselves on everything we say, do and think so why wouldn't we want to express those things in all forms.


The fairies are suggesting that if you been feeling down and out, or just inferior to others, you have not been creative lately. Expressing that creative nature reassures you that you are creative force as the universe intended. That, and you are just as important and your own individuality is needed as all the rest.


It's also about fun too, the fairies live for fun, so whenever they have the chance they will party, drink, eat and just be jolly! They want this place to be the same! A place that people can be together and have tons of fun. Through partying you can express yourself as well!


Last thing they want to say is that everyone is creative, there isn't a person in this world that does not have a creative bone in their body. The only problem is that the person simply does not believe! You have to believe in your creativity for it to truly work. It's the thing that connect us to everyone else! That is why fashion and other creative areas are so emphasized in today's world. Not only do we want to look how we feel, but connect to different people, places and beliefs. It's all truly connected!


So take this time out to figure out your creative nature and how you can manifest that into everything you do. It's not enough to have it, but be it and show it off whenever you have the chance. If you keep it hidden how would anyone know your special talents?


I hope you all enjoyed this reading, I know it was super fun for me! Stay creative! :D


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  • Beautiful reading by such a beautiful person.
    Inner Child's a brilliant card reader with beautiful card decks, she is very accurate and her readings are really fun too.
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