• Hi-i!

    You know, I hesitated for a second.


    Sunshine & Blessings,

    The Valley

    Mountain nestled, sunlight drenched,
    Wide unto the open air,
    Well aroused and full of vigor
    Buoy’d forth by lustful stares,
    What uplifts anticipation
    In the breast of each who dares
    Breathe the ambience that springs
    From every organ’s fervent pray’r?

    ....Tongue where it matters and appropriately wet,
    ....Tomboy at the service of a princess she just met,
    ....In turn at the service of another who has yet
    ....To slip off the panties of the fourth on the lawn
    ....Where the mountain cools The Valley dotted with bouquets and snow—
    ....Strategizing pleasure is the order of the day.
    ....Highly spiked liquor chills, a few yards away.
    ....And, a presence interrupts with its hushed encouragements,
    ....With its grunts, a meaty finger, and its warm invasiveness.

    Mystery of Way and Power
    Rising from the inner depth
    Of the sentimental nature
    Swooning over Then and Yet,
    Hope and Wish, and Want and Promise,
    Aching after Due and Debt,
    Haunt us past delayed Tomorrows,
    Fervent After Thus and That.

    Drips, the messy inspiration of sun showers.

    ....Chatter from the sidelines, occasional applause,
    ....Queer mundane opinions ’bout forgotten foreign laws,
    ....Blithe ejaculating at the freedom of it all, just
    ....In time for the delicacy bell to chime its call.
    ....Lotus flowers crisped in a psychedelic crust,
    ....Eyes and heartstring misted into quick expanding trust,
    ....Steam bathing, snow rolling, pampering massage,
    ....Wee tasting, toe stroking, hankerings absolved—
    ....All hail, this pageant of the naked satisfied,
    ....Of filled gut, sweet heart, and color sated eye.

    The Valley.

    ~ G. Saintiny

  • Pat!

    Awesome verses! :D

    You have truly introduced some meaningful noise to this group. The rhyme pulls me in and makes me feel like I'm part of a true community rite. The content is as primal as it gets. It's universal and very personal, all at once.

    I'm getting warm fuzzies all over, and at the same time feeling a desire to look over where I am and to ask myself whether I'm supporting my TRUE position as much as I really, deep down, want to.

    A poem that does all that?

    Now, we're cookin' with gas!


    Sunshine & Blessings,

    • Thanks, Gio, glad you like it.


      That little ditty has been in the "About Me" section of my profile page here for a couple years now, and when I saw "enhances this carnal" as the title of your thread, I knew I just had to pop it in here :-)

    • & - lemme guess: You're thinking that was an accident, eh?

      Heh-heh-heh! ;O)

      ~ G

    • LOL!  Truthfully, I had the suspicion you "borrowed" the phrase from my poem, to which I do not object of course . . . but it is possible the same words occurred to you independently.


      No matter, it only goes to show that we resonate on certain frequencies :-)

  • I hunt the Truth . . . I devour Information . . .
    . . . and gnaw the savory bones of Fresh Thought and Innovation;

    I'm loving and playful, and quite talkative too . . .
    . . . and if mystery abounds, my inquisitive snout will be there with you!

    Dogs are still wolves -- DNA is the same . . .
    . . . and likewise my wild side enhances this carnal game.

    I can't be tamed, and I can't be changed . . .
    . . . I won't be chained, nor allow my life to be rearranged.

    I laze in the sun, but I prowl the night . . .
    . . . no pretender, fierce defender, Lord Law is my guiding Light.

    Live and let live, be and let be . . .
    . . . love and be loved . . . these are preferred Divine Paths for me.

    Such are my ways . . . take them or leave them . . .
    . . . and if I tell things of my heart -- be assured you can believe them!

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