My lover 2014

I am worthy of Love and of attracting the perfect partner for my highest good that hits me like a wrecking ball....I love that we are crazy in love..Oh yes..Mmm..He's the sexiest man on earth..OMG..Sex is pure hotness..We desire each other the most in this whole world...Our love is filled with mutual respect, sweet attention and affection, nurture, welcome, honesty and trust.  We are completely confident, secure, together, connected and free.  We always enjoy having each others best interest in mind.  It's awesome to be lovers and best friends that are free to talk about everything and anything.  We're always laughing, dancing and "playful" together.  Our connection is definetely high voltage electricity. It's a blast having more than enough money to enjoy and share in a lucritive lifestyle.  Oh yes! It's sweet how we enjoy our children and grandchildren intinately as close loving parents and include them often.  It's amazing that we always know exactly how to please each other. Mmm... His voice is the best sound in the whole world and our trust is 100% secure.  We're loving our intimacy and share in each others lives in deep emotion.  We enjoy the company of many friends together and apart.  We feel ecstatic constantly sharing Magical Surprises and Enchanted Encounters together.  Love fills our total reality.

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  • Hi, Susan,

    What a wonderful story you are telling!

    Glad to hear you're on this wonderful journey. Wishing you all the love you describe!

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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