My sweet chakras

6253526261?profile=original I put these on my wall at the foot of my bed, and when I lay down and relax and look at them, I feel the energy being transmitted to me. I'm working on the last, top chakra still. It has alot of petals. I'm looking forward to the added vibration when I add the final drawing.

Spiritual art is exhilarating....! :3

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  • Beautiful! 

  • The color of your square? :3 ... My 'Making' ....?  You were saying my drawing needed pink? It's hard to tell in the picture but the corners are pink. And the green ended up looking chartreuse in the picture. It was hard to fix. But I got your pink, girl ;3

  • Thank you

  • yeah, I made the heart chakra both colors because I'm into crystals and the rose quartz and other pink crystals are for the heart chakra, so I wanted to represent the green and the pink too. Only thing is it breaks up the ROY G BIV spectrum thing, which turned out to be a bit un-flowy to me. Maybe when I add the top chakra and the heart chakra is in the middle, the center-ing of it will create balance.... :3  

  • I enjoy the colors n shading....just a lil funny or reminder to myself as to me has for me somewhat negative whatevers...connotations...vibes...hope u work hard at playing with those petals...ty for sharing. keep receiving that energy ...mmm...feels good.
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