• Hi-i!

    Our own Iris Tinley demonstrated real artistic courage, recently, by posting a raw audio-only video onto Facebook. 

    This helped me feel a little more relaxed about sharing my musical stuff, my voice, my lack of skill with musical instruments. And, you know how the less you worry about some things the more the little bit of skill you do have can flourish? :P

    So, I decided that sharing something would be cool. But recent recordings didn't feel quite like the thing for The Enchanted Factory.

    Fortunately, something took over, last night, and a new song was born that I really am excited to share. Lyrics and video with me singing the raw product follow, PS. Lyrics & tune, by yours truly.

    Enjoy & share your thoughts! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,


    I went to school
    Some hurt's forever
    'N never to turn
    But I've learned
    It just isn't so

    I've gone through life
    I've gone, ONE THING TO KNOW
    Only the doctors
    Know the truth quite for sure
    But I've learned 
    There's more to endure

    What's been forbidden
    Is wrong or is golden 'n pure
    What can't be questioned
    Is true or a lie to the core

    (Repeat verses 1 & 2)

    ~ G. Saintiny

  • Cool, Lace. My fave line in that is "I had to jump into the Positive Darkness" I love that line. Darkness is often used as a metaphor for evil or negativity and yet there's so much good about it like stars coming out, the moon, dreaming etc. So I feel like you're turning the usual metaphor on its head. hmm I may have another poem idea now too.
    • As in the Louis Armstrong song: "The dark sacred night."

      ~ Giovani

  • These pictures are brilliant, Giovani! You're so talented!
    • Hi! Thanks for the appreciation! :O)

      Consider trying some of these techniques on for size. 

      Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi-i!

    Just bought an upgrade on my homemade light table!

    No, not the $300+ model in your average art store, but something from the toy departmen! It's the Disney Princess Light Up Trace-A-Fashion kit (once I removed the fashion crap with a handy pair of scissors).

    Oh! The flowers - right!

    I was very excited, this morning, to stumble upon a very rare find: an aromatic morning glory! Most people think morning glories have no scent. Well, most don't. But as a little kid, I spent hours taking in the licorice-and-honey-suckle-like scent of these. They grew wound about the Hurricane fence along our building's parking lot. I got absolutely high off of them.

    Years later, I learned that morning glories contain a precursor to LSD! Hmmm. That explains a thing or two, you think? ;O)

    I couldn't find them again until college, when I took a trip with my French class to Nantes (France), which acted as Sister City to the Bronx! At the top of a grassy hill, I picked one up, took in the scent, and tossed it away, suddenly astonished by the sound of applause! Huh?

    I turned around.

    Some of my peers had stayed in the bus. One of them said, "Thank you, Giovani, for sharing that romantic moment with us!"


    Hahaha! :D

    I also love how these vines suggest the whole Art Nouveau style, which I truly enjoy. :O)

    So, we'll see whether this makes my tracing and final drawings come along any faster or not.

    I know you'll be cheering for me, as I cheer for you! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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  • Hey Lilac!

    Thanks for sharing your curiosity. :O)

    Okay, first of all, I do NOT recommend tracing off the computer monitor. I did NOT do that for any of the three images above. I did it for the image of the child bathing in a sink (at The Enchanted Factory's comment wall). You may have to backtrack a few pages, there, to find it.

    You'll notice that sketch was pretty vague. I had promised myself to just do it and share it without judging it.

    I'm glad I did, too, because it prepared me to do some much more intense sketches and reminded me how  to use BeFunky effectively.

    So, the process all three above drawings share is as follows:

    -I built a makeshift light box or light table. All this is is some kind of transparent platform under which a light shines. I'm using a rectangular plastic bin whose top is open and whose front is open. So the built-up parts are the back, left and right sides, and bottom. You know, you can get "in-boxes" for your mail and papers at an office store? Those may do trick. I couldn't find just plain clear ones - mine is blue. Clear would have been better, but there were none such at the dollar store where I bought this. Mine isn't the type for papers & letters. I like that it's deeper than those. Why? 'Cause it's easier to slip in a light. I use a half-tube shaped neon light that works on AA batteries. I just turn the bin upside down on a table and slip the light through the opening. 


    Above, here's the bin with a small (one pound) jar of peanut butter in it, so you get an idea of its size.

    Above, here's the light source I use for tracing. Very handy! :O)


    Okay, this is a little blurry, but you can see how the light source easily slips under the bin for a makeshift light box. There IS an annoying little bump at the center of the surface. It occurs to me that I might want to sand it down. I've looked at a lot of plastic items that have this same annoying little bump. If you find something that smooth all across - GRAB IT! However, since you're NOT dealing with multiple pieces of paper (as with art tissue), you can easily move the paper around if that bump gets in the way.

    -I print out the original monochrome image. I use something along the lines of 3"x5" printout. That size feels doable to me, since I use normal size pens. Also, I don't know how other sizes will work on BeFunky. I sign the image on the front in some white space.

    -I flip the image over so I can trace on its back. This means tracing a backwards signature, remember. Look over the image a little before you start. Ask yourself what kind of instrument will be able to handle the amount of black or thin lines or gray. I've stuck with pens, ink. You may prefer pencil or even charcoal.

    -What's nice about this method is that if things get too mysterious, you can flip over the image to see what a line or smudge looks like directly. You're not holding two pieces of paper together (as with art tissue tracing over an image). On the other hand, an opaque projector allows you even more of a direct experience (though your shadow now becomes an issue).

    -Special technique...If you like to work with felt tip markers, you may want to trace on the FRONT of the image, first. You won't be needing a light box for that, of course. What's the point? Well, this creates an image on the BACK. (A pencil does this because it creates an indentation. An artist friend of mine who used to pose for Andy Warhol traces with art tissue and then flips it over for a second chance to draw.) A second chance to draw might have you adding pen strokes that you didn't see as necessary, the first time around. I'm not sure I'll be experimenting this way again, any time soon. The possibility was on my mind, and I found myself doing this "accidentally." So, I'm just sharing that it happened, not that I feel it's a big deal. However, I do like the very light halo it created where the black frame occurs at the bottom right and top left of the SKATEBOARDING image.


    As for use of, here's what's good to keep in mind....

    -Photograph your sketch. Make sure there's enough space beneath your signature, so you can crop away the date stamp, if your camera does that. I use a digital camera, of course.

    -What I've been doing is nesting the image in that bin I've been using as a light box. I fold the paper on which my sketch (around index card size) sits so it'll be in the middle at the rear of the bin (this time it's sitting with the big opening facing the ceiling). The paper with the image might fold so the right side of the bin is covered, so I'll fold paper to go behind the image and cover the left side. Then, I'll slide a piece of paper underneath it all. In photography that concept is called, I think, a soft box. The idea is to isolate the image in a white field, all of which tends to reflect onto the image. I opened the window and lit the room so I could get better lighting than the flash would allow.

    -Go to & click the pink "Get Started" button, right away.

    -Upload the image from your PC using the menu at the top.

    -Look to the left for actions you can take. A menu at the top, left, will also allow you to look at painterly effects. The first regular effect I take is to crop the image so the date stamp on my photograph is gone. REMEMBER: You're only seeing what it will look like IF you click the "Apply" button beneath your command. Until you hit that button, what you're seeing doesn't count. As soon as you investigate another command, what you've experimented will revert to the image you uploaded or last transformed with an "Apply" command. With cropping, you click at the dots at the corners of the grid and drag them to expand the grid you see until it covers the area you want in your image. NOTE: You may only see part of your image. I can force BeFunky to show me more by shrinking the page with a gesture. You may have to experiment with various ways to be sure you have the right level of control, here.

    -Next thing I do is hit the "Rotate/Flip" effect. Use the bottom right command "Horizontal," so the image is no longer a mirror image.

    -Then, I mess with "Brightness/Contrast" because I'm using lousy camera technique and need to make my dark lines darker. I also like some of the graininess that can occur.

    -Play with other commands. Also check the "Artsy" commands (See the blue menu at the top, left) for transformations like that which I used for the Lana Del Rey drawing.

    That's the best I can do explaining the particulars of how I created the drawings, above, Lilac. I hope it'll be of help! :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Ohhh! These look great. I want to do artwork like them.I think it would look good on the cover of my book. Hah!

    Giovani, can I request for a video tutorial, if you're not too busy? If that's not possible, how about a step-by-step quick guide with photos?

    Let me see if I understand the process correctly.

    You trace the image direct on the computer monitor. Then you scan the paper, upload it to befunky and apply effects. Is that correct?

    I don't get the process you used for skateboarding, the flip-it-over part.

    And how did you make a lightbox?
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