YOUR Blog post!


I'm doing away with the cryptic titles lifted from PI stars' pronouncements - for this discussion title, anyway.


Because it occurred to me that it would be great having a place where we could each share a blog post that we're proud of. (Let's let some time & an opportunity for everyone who's gonna get on TO get on before dipping back for seconds. Okay?)

It's only fair that I start (so no one'll have an excuse for being chicken.)


Have fun with this, Everyone! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,

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  • THE SECRET Of The 2 1/2 Word Blessing


    Glenn Osborn , a maverick Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) researcher, came up with a few magic words that make everybody treat you waaaaayyyyyy better than they might have, otherwise.

    So, what exactly are these 2 1/2 secret magic words with the mind-bending power to make others suddenly change their tune, switching from not even knowing you existed to wanting to hang on your arm & blow you kisses? (And, what exactly does 2 1/2 words look like???)

    Drum roll, please . . . The 2 1/2 words are . . .

    "We're celebrating."

    Now, my physics teacher in high school used to call science "the art of stating the obvious." But, that bit of information only became obvious to me AFTER Osborn pointed it out. Now, years later, I see how those magic words can also help me treat myself way better.

    Think about it. . . . When you're celebrating, you give yourself love. That's really what everybody else is attracted to. You're having a good time, and they want to be in your presence. And, they feel inspired to have a good time, too. People are inspired to generosity. They find themselves sharing of their folkloric wealth. They sing Happy Birthday! They clap! They whoop it up or give you kudos! They say, "Congratulations!" Say it in a restaurant, and don't be surprised if you get a free dessert!

    And, it releases a sense of generosity in the person celebrating, too! Celebrating is one time when leaving a tip just feels so natural. Even leaving an extra tip! Feasting comes naturally. Getting out and doing something special comes naturally. We raise a toast--which is a folkloric ceremony that involves an affirmation & blessing. When else does the average person know anything about affirmations & blessings? Well, they know it when they're celebrating.

    On a certain level, we're smarter when we're celebrating!

    We have immediate access to our expanded selves, when we're celebrating. And, all it takes to tap that power is to say--with even moderate feeling--"We're celebrating!"

    2 1/2 words of raw spiritual energy! & You already knew them.

    Ain't life grand! ;o)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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