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My lover 2014

I am worthy of Love and of attracting the perfect partner for my highest good that hits me like a wrecking ball....I love that we are crazy in love..Oh yes..Mmm..He's the sexiest man on earth..OMG..Sex is pure hotness..We desire each other the most i

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Promotional Language


I recently read something very inspiring and felt moved to promote my family musical, THE BLACKBERRY KIDS GO TREASURE HUNTING, as a result.

I don't know where I'd place the promotional language that resulted, but I was really excited to come up w

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What glimmers from YOUR treasure of artistry, eh?  Give us a peek!


Not the whole candle flame -- just Flickerings :-)


I'll start with the following . . .



-- 20 --





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Echanted Factory Fairy Reading!

When Giovanni asked me to do a reading for the Enchanted Factory I was pretty thrilled! How could I not do it when it's such a cool place! I also wanted to do it with my more fairytale theme decks like the unicorns and fairies haha! So when It was ti

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My sweet chakras

6253526261?profile=original I put these on my wall at the foot of my bed, and when I lay down and relax and look at them, I feel the energy being transmitted to me. I'm working on the last, top chakra still. It has alot of petals. I'm looking forward to the added vibration whe

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YOUR Blog post!


I'm doing away with the cryptic titles lifted from PI stars' pronouncements - for this discussion title, anyway.


Because it occurred to me that it would be great having a place where we could each share a blog post that we're proud of. (Let's

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