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  • Hi-i!

    New content, party-goers! :O)

    Chamomile's showin' off her luscious spirituality at her "My sweet chakras" discussion, while Rascal allows a peek at his growing epic at the "Tickle me VERY GENTLY" discussion.

    Enjoy! ;O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Cute video!  

  • Katy minus Elmo...

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi Rachel --


    A lot of my verse has a certain negative energy to it as well.  Though I primarily do fiction ( SF-Fantasy-oriented ) when I'm moved to verse it's usually a carthartic expression -- purging.  Though not always :-)



  • This group looks fantastic, as I write stories and poetry(lyrics for my group's songs, really). I look forward to being involved here. I've noticed that most of what I have written lately is negative. This really bothers me. I want to be inspired to write some happy things. Until later, --Rachel

  • Lace --


    If you mean here on the Comment Wall, maybe they've passed to another page.  At the bottom are buttons that take you to those other pages.


    In the few discussion forums that exist so far, everything you've posted seems to be there :-)

  • Hi,

    Special encouragement to Lace & to Susan for their striking contributions to our Discussion Forum.

    Sorry, I can't manage more pep & sparkle, today. &, I'm not placing my encouragement in the Discussion Forum so someone else may have a chance to shine, so to speak.

    Please, remember to encourage one another. (This is NOT the Giovani Show, after all).


  • Hi-i!

    Stuff's been going on in The Enchanted Factory's Discussion Forum! :O)

    Check the "Artistic Fulfillment Or No" discussion for Rascal's new book information (one's published, one's on the way) and "enhances the carnal" for one of his poems.

    And check the "specialists to reach" discussion for some of my drawings, including this one...

    Comment & share your writing or whatever type of art you create! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Teresa!

    Excellent sharing of your emotions in a form that allows me to get right in there with you. :O)

    See what you could fit in one of the discussions, above.

    Where would you place such-and-such? Hey! You're a big girl. You can decide that, can't you?

    Same for the rest, out there! ;O)

    Without harming yourself, now, keep up the excellent work.


    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi Giovani! I'm an aspiring writer looking for a writing group with members who are into LOA. Sadly, the ones I found were inactive. I like the name of this group, so I joined. Heee!
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A poem i wrote for a member here but I kinda like it (starts with a popular phrase)

Haters gonna hateBut I won't take the baitNo matter what they sayI know i'll find a wayThey can put me downTry to push me to the groundAnd I won't lie - it hurtsWhen you're face-down in the dirtBut I get up againAnd focus on my friendsEven if just the ones on hereAnd I brush off the dust of fearI rise up despite the lossI stop counting the costI put my head up highAnd again aim for the skySo let the haters hateRight now is not my fateIt's just a temporary placeI know I'll win my raceEven if in…

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My lover 2014

I am worthy of Love and of attracting the perfect partner for my highest good that hits me like a wrecking ball....I love that we are crazy in love..Oh yes..Mmm..He's the sexiest man on earth..OMG..Sex is pure hotness..We desire each other the most in this whole world...Our love is filled with mutual respect, sweet attention and affection, nurture, welcome, honesty and trust.  We are completely confident, secure, together, connected and free.  We always enjoy having each others best interest in…

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An affirmation rhyme I made & put on the main site, wanted to share here:

I love that I have so much free timeAnd a man of my dreams, I am his & he's mineHappy together & feeling so freeAnd abundance of good stuff now comes to meMoney comes in fun easy waysI have so much autonomy every dayMy wardrobe is full of new beautiful clothesAnd my bank account's bulging and continues to grow!My savings are vast and I have lots of dosh(That's money() I look at my life and oh gosh!I love it so much there is so much to loveA relationship that's fun easy like from aboveAnd he &…

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Promotional Language

Hi-i!I recently read something very inspiring and felt moved to promote my family musical, THE BLACKBERRY KIDS GO TREASURE HUNTING, as a result.I don't know where I'd place the promotional language that resulted, but I was really excited to come up with it. It captures the feeling of the play, and I even found myself creating a possible call-to-action, and it all happened pretty quickly. Who knows? Maybe an advertising opportunity will open up. (And, of course, it's being seen, here.)Here's…

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