The ultimate 30 day test. If this reaches you it is because you are on the frequency to receive it and maybe you should give it a try. I want to share this with you. I have yet to meet someone who has successfully completed it. I have gotten far but have not made it to 30 days and I have been using this to make myself a better person.

Just imagine what 30 days without a persisting negative thought could do you for your brain, let alone your life.
This has come from a recording ‘The Strangest Secret’. You can listen to it here or read it here

1. Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Single goal, clearly defined.
2. Think of it each day with optimism. Remember – you must become what you think about, it’s the law
3. Stop thinking about what it is you fear, replace it with a positive though – control your thinking
4. Do more than you have to
5. Give of yourself more
6. Don’t concern yourself with how you are going to achieve the goal, just where are you going. The answers will come to you.

If you let a negative thought enter your mind and you do not replace it, you must start the 30 day test again.
We can achieve nothing, without first paying the price.
Act as though it was impossible to fail
Control your thoughts
Limitations are self imposed
Have courage
Use your imagination
ACTION: Act promptly & decisively
Save 10% of your income

Put this on the back of your goal card.

Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and ye shall find
Knock and it shall be opened onto you
For everyone that asketh, receiveth
And he that seeketh, findeth
And to him that knocked, it shall be opened

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  • Hi new here! I'm starting this morning:)
  • Starting with the positive thinking today! Will write my goal on a card and start the proper challenge tomorrow. I like Tangy's comment on listening to Abraham Hicks. I'm going to as well as it always makes me feel brilliant. :-)

  • Day 1 starts today.

    I clearly wrote out my desires.

    I listen to Abraham Hicks on youtube daily even while I work.

    I don't watch or listen to anything negative.

    I'll update progress on day 2.

  • Hey all! Ella Stokes signing onto the challenge.

    My only questions are what exactly # 4 and 5 entail. If my goal is to be super beautiful, what actions should I do more of? How do I give of myself in that situation?

  • i have completed this challenge and I have found it will take multiple completions before it really takes hold within me...scientifically 66 days is the minimum it takes to form a new habit.

  • Midnight marked my completion of the 30 day challenge.  Now its time to start another and continue the pattern of supreme positive thinking.  Like many of you, I thought I needed a better time to do it and commit to it.  Instead I powered through, and failed several times.  And I am better of having done that than if I had waited.

  • At midnight, I am entering into Day 29 of the Strangest Secret 30 day challenge.  The things that have happened are nothing short of amazing.  The physical evidence of my spiritual journey has manifested in so many ways.  The positive worthwhile goal has kept me driven, and has allowed me to rewire my brain now.  I know that there are so many brighter days ahead.  I am very excited for you when you do decide that it is time to embark upon this challenge.  Do not wait, there is no perfect time, there will never be 30 days that you can separate for this challenge.  If you are waiting because you do not think you have time, then you are acting in fear that you cannot complete this.  Act now.  The universe will sort out the rest of the time so that this challenge fits perfectly into your life.

  • AGAIN, your GOAL, is just something to focus on when you begin to think negatively.  It is not necessarily what you are striving for during this challenge.  You are overthinking this.

  • You see my goal is connected with my partner if I want sth to change in our common life I have to change his life as well But can I change his life using LOA? I want to change my life style but it can`t be done without changing his...

    This is my doubt and question.

  • Day 21.  It has been quite a journey.  Ask yourself, what are you waiting for?  The perfect moment?  There will never be a perfect moment.  Start today and change your life.  It is in your hands.  The misconception is that people think they need to take 30 days that they know they can commit.  The real secret is that once you commit, and make the decision, the universe arranges your schedule for you.  I am grateful for everything that has happened.  New friends have come in, old friends have returned, so much love has been shared.  

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