The ultimate 30 day test. If this reaches you it is because you are on the frequency to receive it and maybe you should give it a try. I want to share this with you. I have yet to meet someone who has successfully completed it. I have gotten far but have not made it to 30 days and I have been using this to make myself a better person.

Just imagine what 30 days without a persisting negative thought could do you for your brain, let alone your life.
This has come from a recording ‘The Strangest Secret’. You can listen to it here or read it here

1. Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Single goal, clearly defined.
2. Think of it each day with optimism. Remember – you must become what you think about, it’s the law
3. Stop thinking about what it is you fear, replace it with a positive though – control your thinking
4. Do more than you have to
5. Give of yourself more
6. Don’t concern yourself with how you are going to achieve the goal, just where are you going. The answers will come to you.

If you let a negative thought enter your mind and you do not replace it, you must start the 30 day test again.
We can achieve nothing, without first paying the price.
Act as though it was impossible to fail
Control your thoughts
Limitations are self imposed
Have courage
Use your imagination
ACTION: Act promptly & decisively
Save 10% of your income

Put this on the back of your goal card.

Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and ye shall find
Knock and it shall be opened onto you
For everyone that asketh, receiveth
And he that seeketh, findeth
And to him that knocked, it shall be opened

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  • Day 3

    Quite a difficult day Today I have a day of doubts

    I decided to repeat my goal doesn`t matter if I achieve it with my partner or some other man

  • Day 2

    I was not repeating many times today as i was quite busy and outside with other people.But I saw 1st small change in my partner He agreed for sth he didn`t agree whole last year and it`s connected with my goal :)

  • Day 3 ... Very excited again! The guy I like alot but he is taken.. Its like he is fading in my mind a bit hmmm wonder why
  • Day 2

    Honnestly I was hoping for a quiet day that would allow me to read and listen to the tape, but i got the opposite, and load of things to do. I wasnt very focused, I must admit, but didnt feel any contradicting beliefs regarding my goal, so I guess it's all good. Tomorrow i'll work a bit harder with visualizations, and listening to the tape.

    See ya!

  • Day 1 part 2

    So it was busy day I did some "bigger" home duties with full energy in order to make our together life with my partner nicer :) It`s not the best thing to do I can imagine. But I want to give some added value & pay the price :)

    I was trying to keep positive and to "remind" myself that I have achieved already my goal (I would achieve).

    I had some doubts, but less than normal.

  • Day 2 I felt very exilirated today.. Its like I felt something about to hsppen something great! I often think about my goal and it makes me tingle
  • Hey guys,

    Day 1! So I wrote my card with my goal and the words indicated behind it! My goal is a brilliant writing career that earns me millions!:D That gave me the chills, just writing the card. I did some visualization and, of course, some writing! Just for the sake of it, for the feeling of it, trusting the masterpiece will come, if not here already. On the other hand, I took the advice given by the author and did my absolute best in everything, I spent quality time with the kids, cooked a wonderful meal, baked amazing bread and cinabuns, and after this post I'll spend some time having some well deserved and tremendous fun!

    See you tomorrow, brilliant people!

  • Isabelle
    Read that book of Joseph Murphy

    There is chapter about marriage and I have used that affirmation about attracting perfect mate :) With success.

    And I did the the list how he should be I still have it in my wallet after 8 years :D


  • day 1 Great beginning

    I `ve written my goal on my card with sentences on the other side

    I `ve read again the pdf material about the strangest secret and I start!

    I feel great and I feel butterflies :) I will keep You updated

  • 1/2/15: Not too eventful, but I was able to shift my thoughts about an issue I've been having, and thus grow more confident about it. :)

    My purpose btw is a powerful, positively charged stress-free way of being

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