This is a group that focuses on vision boards. The vision board is a useful tool in helping us attract the things we want. We will discuss the uses of a vision board, the "how to's" and touch base on other areas of visualization.


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  • Did everyone have a great summer? Did anyone work on their vision board(s)? Did anyone make a new board of revise and old one?

  • A friend and I who are in a multi level marketing business, are having a vision board party. If you have friends who believe in the law of attraction, this may not be a bad idea. We are having this party toward the end of August and will post pictures! Sharing because it sounds like a great idea. Let me know if you decide to throw a vision board party and let me know if you need feedback!

  • Hi Surender. Yes we are all magnets. What we think about, we bring about!

  • Hi Tassel, Nice website! I hope everything is going well!

  • My Vision.

    WEBSITE.WS - Your Internet Address For Life™
  • we all are magnet<<<<<<<<<<

    our thoughts have energy to attract the things<<<<

  • I put up a new blog. My link is below.

    The Great Intender
    A blog about Law of Attraction and how to utilize its methods.
  • Hi All,

    Sorry I have been AWOL. I had a lot of family issues. My dad got ill and passed away suddenly. I just got finished with services and handling family business.

    I hope everyone is doing well and attracting many good things in your lives.

  • Apologies for not posting much. My dad hadn't been feeling well. He lives close by. Saturday, he went to emergency room and was admitted into the hospital. Things have been quite hectic around here the past couple of weeks. I promise I'll be back soon with more posts!

  • Hi Tassel,

    Welcome! I'll check out your group too.

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Winning the Lottery

Who wants to win the lottery? Who has changed their speech from "if I win the lottery" to "when I win the lottery"? If you're like most LOAers, the first thing you probably did when you learned that you can create your own reality, is run out and buy some lottery tickets. Many of you buy them consistently. That's great, but there are some missing elements to the plan.First of all, I'm no expert. I haven't hit the big jackpot. I have won small prizes such as $58.00 and I once won $350.00, but…

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A lot has been written about visualization. I find most people over complicate this practice and some people spend way too much time in this practice. The thing is you only need to visualize seven minutes a day! Did I say seven? Yes, seven to ten minutes a day! You can do this while you're in the shower. You can visualize while on a commuter train - please don't do this while driving. You can visualize just before you fall asleep. If you're like most people, you need about twenty minutes to…

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Where do you keep your vision board(s)?

Where do you keep your vision board(s)? Are they stacked in a corner where you hardly see them unless you're cleaning? Are they part of a computer desktop that you never use? Here are some tips so you get to see your vision boards and / or inspirational photos EVERYDAY! Don't forget, when you view these items, you want to feel the emotion you would feel as if you already have these things!Stick a photo or a positive affirmation in the crevices of your dresser mirror. You look in that mirror…

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