The Affirmation Enhancer Is a powerful new tool that can amplify the power of your intentions and affirmations. At the same time, it can clear negativity and resistance making you more magnetic to your heart's desires.Join us as we learn more!
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  • My mind , body, and spirit are strong
  • Looking forward to learning from this group!!
  • Hooray! Have been searching for something like this for a long time!!
  • I am here to learn...............MORE.......even though I have been doing affirmations for years. I am grateful to find this and to find more powerful WORDS!
  • Thanks for the invite, learning, learning, I just love a good adventure don't you?
  • I am thankful to have found this group.
  • I'm so thankful that you invited me and I'm enjoying all the positive energy.
  • Thank you for the invitation. Let the discovery begin. I as many others as well, would like to replace my negative impulses with possititive affirmations.
  • Some of you may know, but most not, that I am a counsellor on a site called Live Person.. Clients contact us live online for help. recently I had a lady who has spent 2 years longing to fall pregnant but just could not conceive (There are many with this problem). I guided her with the principals we live by and yesterday she contacted me to say that finally after applying my principals for only a few weeks, her Doctor tells her she is pregnant. She is over the moon.
    This is a true indication of affirmations and the Law of Attraction at work with someone who knew nothing about it only a few short weeks ago. Don't under estimate the power my friends. This is magic stuff.
  • Thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to enhancing
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Power Words

Don't say or tell yourself or others what you don't want. An example of this is I heard someone say, "I don't want drama in my life". The telepathic mechanism of your subconscious mind will pick out that word "drama", and that is exactly what you will draw to you.Let's change "I don't want drama" To I want "tranquility". Now your telepathic subconscious says "okay that is what I will seek out for you".John Maxwell speaks in his book "The Difference Maker" about these patterns of negative…

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