The Affirmation Enhancer Is a powerful new tool that can amplify the power of your intentions and affirmations. At the same time, it can clear negativity and resistance making you more magnetic to your heart's desires.Join us as we learn more!
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  • How does one use Affirmations???:
    You must stay in the positive. These won't work with any negatives.
    The number one thing people seem to forget to achieve anything is that you must have a GOAL in mind.
    You state what you want to believe in your affirmation. Even if you don't believe it yet, as long as it's do-able then it's achieveable.
    You have to be able to believe it at some point to override your negative subconscious...(or the affirmation won't seem to work). Just keep repeating the affirmation until you see any sign of a live spark...That maybe, just maybe you can believe it. One spark gives way to sparks, which gives way to the fire of burning enthusiasm and effective imagination. Without imagination, without using yours-----affirmations are dead..
    Such as "I am on my way to complete bliss." (so do everything that makes you happy...starting by seeing life in it's most positive light....of course you are going to have plenty of things to work on with this affirmation....Do the work!!! Do not look to anyone/everyone to help you. You must do this...Of course you will have little annoyances to deal with...There are several ways around a mountain...UP, OVER or THROUGH. Never accept defeat. Never taken no for an anwer for your do-able, achieveable GOAL. Dreams are made of GOALs.. Each goal must be accomplished step-by-step or your DREAM will remain only a dream. Yes, crazies will come out of the woodwork to try to stop you!!!. This always happens. Politely tell them to go away. And they do. You have to find your power. When you see people stopping you (out of jealousy, ignorance, etc.) keep going!!!!! That means you are so very close. "Go the extra mile" was said by Earl Nightengale. It means that when you keep reaching, attaining, going, the Universe at some point will give up and the blocks will all fade away. You have to believe that these blocks are illusions. I know your Uncle is a big, fat, tough, strong man, but he can only stop you for a little while! Go around him. The secret is to keep what you're doing a secret!! How can people block your goals when they don't know what they are????...... So please keep your big mouth shut.!!!! I know because people are always trying to find out why I'm so damned happy, no matter what.....As Gene Simmons teaches....because "if you're've won" Think about that one for a while. The message is clear. Lot of little Goals, done in the right sequence=====equals all your Dreams coming true. If you do everything legal, of course, then you are unstoppable. People may stare, let them...Someday you will be laughing all the way to the bank.
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  • Hey Guys, what is the affirmation enhancer? I can't read the rest of the information page and would like to learn use and empower this tool in others. Can someone help me understand it? Thanks
  • am so happy and grateful large sums of money were directly deposited to my business checking account! I wish the same for you!!
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  • I was told once by a wise man that affirmations should be said once for one thing and once only. Is that what you do here? According to LOA, if we think of lack then we receive lack of. Affirmations repeated is reinforcing that we do not yet have that which we asked for. I look forward to learning and sharing with this group. Bye the way, the wise man that told me never mentioned LOA - he is a world renowned clairvoyant!
  • Agi,

    I love your affirmation.

    I will second that or however you say it.

    I am so happy and grateful large sums of money were directly deposited to my business checking account! I wish the same for you!!

  • According to Zig Ziglar . . .
    Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale.
    My affirmation for the week: I am so happy and grateful large sums of money were directly deposited to my business checking account! I wish the same for you!!
  • what a fantastic site

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Power Words

Don't say or tell yourself or others what you don't want. An example of this is I heard someone say, "I don't want drama in my life". The telepathic mechanism of your subconscious mind will pick out that word "drama", and that is exactly what you will draw to you.Let's change "I don't want drama" To I want "tranquility". Now your telepathic subconscious says "okay that is what I will seek out for you".John Maxwell speaks in his book "The Difference Maker" about these patterns of negative…

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