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Angels are STILL a mystery to most of us...

As an Angel Minister, I work with angels every day, all day long, and I can tell you two things for sure. One is that they most certainly are REAL, and the other is that--with all my knowledge of them--I am still not entirely certain just exactly WHAT they are. I CAN tell you that they are MUCH, MUCH more than the simple winged messengers and guardians we mostly know them to be.

The angels have guided me to form this group on Powerful Intentions so they can help you get to know them better. There is SO much that they can do to help you, if you only knew what they can do, and how to ask. There are some of you who have had a wonderful relationship with angels for a long time, but there is still more to their abilities that is an un-tapped resource waiting to be discovered.

There will be many sharing and learning opportunities for the members of this group. We will have teleseminars on a wide range of subjects relating to Angels and the development of your Spirit and your connection to Source/God/the Universe/etc. The angels will guide you to rise above the illusions that keep you in fear, and put you on a path that is aligned with the deepest desire of your Soul.

I discovered angels through the guidance of Kimberly Marooney, who also taught Doreen Virtue. This past December, I became one of the first 20 Angel Ministers in the world--ordained into the Order of the Seraphim through Gateway University and the Angel Ministry program.

Come prepared to share your own angel experiences, and bring your questions and an open mind, for there are many surprises in store for you! It is no mistake that you are here, so open yourself to the guidance of the angels and be prepared to connect the light inside you to the light outside of you.

My love to you all,
Rev. Chris

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  • 6253790659?profile=originalMay the light of love, laughter and grace be with you all the year through, and if our only resolution is to follow spirit more closely, that is enough!

    Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones!

  • Beautiful, Deea! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year!7294170900?profile=original

  • Hi, Heidi! So sorry I haven't gotten back to you! The question you ask is not a simple one to answer, but in general, angels are with you all the time! They are just waiting for you to ask for the help they are here to give. You can talk to them, and ask them to help you become aware of their presence. They can appear in dreams, and you may know their presence in many ways--a vibrational "signature" on your body, a particular fragrance, a sense of their being around, or many other ways. Keep your angel antennae up, and you will know they are around! ;-)
  • 7293086472?profile=originalHave a wonderful July 4th, everyone!

  • How do you find your angles ? do they stay with you all the time ? Do you hear them in dreams? Can you see them? I have so many questions? Thank you Heidi
  • Just checking in, Hi Sandy. Welcome!
  • This looks to be a wonderful group, happy to join, thank you Sim Plicity...*hugs*

  • Welcome, everyone! The angels have brought you here because you are ready. There is an amazing journey awaiting you, to take you places your wildest dreams could not imagine! Be prepared to share with each other and support your journeys inward and upward.

    The angels are embracing you in love and warmth!

    Yours in Spirit,
    Rev. Chris
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