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Transformation is almost always a messy business...


Since I am currently dealing with a HEALING CRISIS, I thought it might be a good time to explain what is meant by this.
In general, a healing crisis is what our body goes through whenever the level o

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The True Power of Love

There is no more loving energy and light than Angelic Light. Whether it is coming through in a healing session, a reading, coaching sessions or classes, their loving energy always helps us to return to the truth that we already hold within us. <3


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New blog on Fear

Hi everyone, and blessings to all of you who have joined me here! I know that I have not been particularly active with this group, but that is sometimes the way of the spiritual path--we need time to grow and learn and assimilate new things as we rai

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Coming back to Center

This is a great daily prayer! It will help restore balance and move you into more conscious alignment with your Soul. This is where we find the Love that heals us.

It is just one of the many Angelic tools I fill up your toolbox with, to move you throu

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white feathers

I ve been going through some problems recently,so i called on the angels to help me,today when i came home there was a white feather on my door mat ive heard that they are connected with angels,is this right.

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Let's talk about "Angels"

The word 'angel' seems to represent different things for different people. This results in a wide range of responses when I tell people I work with angels--anything from rapture to open hostility as well as questioning my grip on reality!


For this re

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Archangel Information

A long time ago I put together some information about some of the archangel, I just found it again on my computer so I thought I would share it. ENJOY IT!


Archangel ARIEL "Lion or Lioness of God"

Also known as: Arael, Ariqel

Oversees the Sprites (natur

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