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  • thank you for another wonderful day.
    thank you for the success of my business.
  • thank u so much
  • Please feel free to download my new book 'Thirty days to Change Your Life' from my site (for free of course).
  • thank you
  • thank you
  • Am sure wanitha Universe gives me sign for the same and am sure this will happen thank u all for the support... Thankin him for all the best times of my life and comin best days wid him thankin him to make me feel the most powerful feelin in the world called love.. Thankin him for all the love care trust and understanding he showed...Thankin all my friends to stand by me and trustin my feelins...
    Loads of love
  • thank you
  • Thank you for the invite Big Blue. I think I joined coz I clicked the join link... not sure tho have to fiddle with the site some more...
  • Angie dear..dont give up dear...belif in urself n evrything should be alright..just a matter of time..
    God bless
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It happened

Hi AllEver since i viewed the secret a yr. ago,,,i have seen things work in the manner that it says in the secret. One scenario that just came about in the last week. My daughter lost her job and she was moping around and she says.....I Need A Job! I looked at her and said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Never say need.....the Universe will think you are needy and you will always be in need. I told her to state I Want A Job and give specifics...........well without my knowledge she used that application and…

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Hurricane Ike

Let's get together and place our attention and intention on reducing the impact of this storm.I am envisioning this storm, which as of this morning was a category 2 hurricane, staying at or reducing its strength before it hits Texas. I feel cooler waters rising to the surface, sucking the energy out of this storm. I see and feel the power spreading out so that it is less concentrated and does less damage. I also see the waves getting out of phase with the tides, so that storm surges are…

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Miraculous Manifesting—2 Case Studies

Miraculous Manifesting—2 Case StudiesRemember when you were a kid, and you thought you could be anything when you grew up?Maybe you even spent hours pretending, spinning out elaborate scenarios for your “grown up life”.But then, sadly, your mind was “poisoned” by the toxic messages surrounding you in the so called “real world”. You know the ones — the voices telling you to be sensible and realistic. The ones that continually tell you no.But that’s wrong! The real world is truly incredible, and…

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