Hurricane Ike

Let's get together and place our attention and intention on reducing the impact of this storm.I am envisioning this storm, which as of this morning was a category 2 hurricane, staying at or reducing its strength before it hits Texas. I feel cooler waters rising to the surface, sucking the energy out of this storm. I see and feel the power spreading out so that it is less concentrated and does less damage. I also see the waves getting out of phase with the tides, so that storm surges are reduced. I feel cross winds from the upper atmosphere disturbing and spreading this storm and reducing its energy.Get behind the visual as I put this meditation across my network of friends. Pass it on to others. I know the power of the Law and know that this treatment/prayer cannot return anything but the desired results. Feel it, know it, share it.In Peace, Trust and Divine Assurance of Good.

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