It happened

Hi AllEver since i viewed the secret a yr. ago,,,i have seen things work in the manner that it says in the secret. One scenario that just came about in the last week. My daughter lost her job and she was moping around and she says.....I Need A Job! I looked at her and said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Never say need.....the Universe will think you are needy and you will always be in need. I told her to state I Want A Job and give specifics...........well without my knowledge she used that application and it worked, 3 days later. She had so many job offers and leads she couldn't figure out which one to choose from. The one she choose was a supervisor position and she starts soon.So that is proof,,,,,it does really work!Just wanted to boast of the universes POWER!!!!!!!

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  • That's great. Sometimes it just works that way. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago.
    I was elated. Wouldn't it be great to maintain that level of "hyper" manifesting.
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