I would love to hear what you think about the healing power of nature, any thoughts, ideas or experiences. Cheers
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  • I love pictures of nature:) Please share if you have some:)
  • I want to try to tell you about my latest experience with mother Earth..
    I was out on my walkabout which includes meditation and being when I found this little animal ( dont know the name) which has a house on their back.. He had lost it! Belive me I searched but no where it was to be found. Lesson ? All cant be totally whole all the time.. Hug Nina
  • Hi Light Godess and Heli thanks for joining I havnt had much time of late to be here and it seems i may have even less for a while as my studies plus life are full on which has been awesome. Studies show that nature reduces our stress levels instantly and calm our heads so tree huggers go for it and hug as many trees as you like and as often as you like. Lots of love to all. Valdora
  • I love nature .Thank you for creating this group.
    Blessings and greetings from Finland were we had this experience with my 10 yr old son one cold spring day..You never know where spirit sit's and waits for you to be open to abundat joy and serenity and harmony and beauty.
    Just with pece and openheart pure love and joy can enter.
    Nature has always providedme with that.
    As it has all humanity if we but choose it.


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  • Nature is MY LOVE and seens noone been here since my birthday it must be a sign.. Hug Nina
  • It really is an amazing place there are places like this dotted around in Qld i love them too
  • Amazing photographs, I would love to be there in person!
  • This is another tree in the rain forest covered in fungi.
  • The photo below is of a place called Marycairn Cross Park Maleny it has some really huge trees.
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