• This is one of the best Bashar's I've seen. What really hit home for me, is the whole concept of not taking action as something that represents a means to an end. 

    Even the action of visualization (including the Neville way of doing it: seeing/feeling from within the circumstance), should not be done to try to "get the desired thing".  It should only be done just as a way to define yourself as someone who has the frequency of owning a beach home, or of creating a high-selling software application. The visualization is something you do for the sake of the pleasure you get out of it NOW.

    I bought the Field Center course back in 2004, and this was their main emphasis:  you allow yourself to feel the pleasure of an outside action, or an inner visualization, just for the sake of experiencing that action on its own.  Sitting down and feeling the fulfillment is just something *you do*, because it's who are you, and you're simply expressing a particular frequency.. and that's it, no pining for something in the future.

    This is such a powerful paradigm shift that separates Bashar's stuff from the usual Law of Attraction stuff ...using technique to try to get stuff you don't already have now.. i could go on and on, but i'm at work :)

    • Yeah, you got it!


      Getting the money won't make you happy.  Getting happy will make you the money :-)

  • Hi Kat -- you're quite welcome!


    The following clip is one friend Garth posted in another thread, which I quickly popped into the Bashar thread in the Main Forum, and would like to share here as well, because it gives a great description of Ego-self as it relates to the physical experience, along with a lot of other insights I think are VERY helpful.


    ENJOY :-)


  • I love the teachings of Bashar!

    Thanks for bringing it to our group Pat :)

  • Here's another that gets right to the "heart" of self-creation:


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