How do I know what I want?

I know my wish and desires are to be successfully self-employed. NO doubt! My problem is what do I want to do?

I am a Registered Nurse with a Great Management position. I work for a small home healthcare agency and love it!

I also love crafting. I love creating handmade journals and greeting cards.

So, what type of business should I visualize, and attract into my life. I have not acheived my dreams because I don't know which dream to go after, or allow into my life.

As a RN, I could get into developing workshops and seminars related to healthcare issues. Inexpensive to start, and grow. Then, my husband and I thought about buyin the company I now work for. The owner says she wants to move to Maine in 2 or 3 years. My husband and I are thinking that this would be a great businesses to buy.

Then, I thought about my crafting business. I sell my journals at craft shows and on People love my journals!!!!! I always sell out of my journals and greeting cards. If I stayed in crafting, My goals would be to have craft mall, be a craft show promoter.

I have experience in business before. I owned a store for 1 year, then I was in a car accident that took me 7 years to recover from. SO, of course I closed the store. My husband had a senior and handicapped transportation business for 10 years, until I had my accident.

So, what should I do so that the Universal Genie can grant my wish?





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  • Hey I wanted to write and find out how this was going for you, seeing that your entry was back in April.  Have you gained some clarity on where you want to go?   I wish I knew something of value to give to you and I don't know how I could help.  All I know is from my experience and I already know what I want to do too.  I will say that one of the things I've learned about is taking a day to write out your perfect day, in extreme detail, as if life was all going the way you want and flowing how you want.   As you write it down, think about it as if you are there in that present moment just living it.  Include everything from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep.  Include all that you eat, putting on clothes, opening doors, get real clear with it.  It will help you discover more of what you want.  Then later you can look back on it and discover more about who you are and gain some clarity.   Then you may do it again.  I took a whole day, eight hours and did this and it's given me so much clarity.
  • I know this has been a while since your post but this struck home with me. You sound like you love nursing and you are good at it. Expanding your life in this area could be fulfilling and profitable. While crafts are a great diversion, I worked in Arts & Crafts for about 10 years. There is nothing like the feeling you get when someone pays you their money for something you created from nothing. The downside or reality to Art & Crafts is that very few people can actually make a good living from it. It is hard to stay small and make revenue now a days. Keep doing your crafts for a diversion from your professional life, it will help you appreciate both sides. Healthcare is one of those professions that can provide so much reward both emotional and financial. 

    Considering how many people out there are lost with no passion, think about how lucky you are to have a choice between two.


  • Hi Sharron,


    I, too, have something of an issue deciding which "path" to take...

    I am "good" at managing.

    I enjoy MANY things -- music, writing, name a few...all of which I hold some talent.


    [Enter Bi-polar] --  now we have a really shifty person!!!!


    Now, if I DO manage to set my intents on one particular goal, then I am super at achieving whichever intent that might be!

    My main issue is that I tend to go very far with a dream, goal, intent -- and then.....

    I tend to switch gears completely!


    Usually, it is "monotony" that is the culprit for my diminishing interest and desire to change gears.

    At other times, it is "life's circumstances."

    And at still other times, it is "seeing an opportunity elsewhere" which really peaks my interest.


    As Liz said, "you do what you love."  And I have heard many times the rewards of doing this, and I can even attest to the validity of how beautiful this makes life and puts a person in a state of completly thriving in life... 




    There have been times when I have sacrificed what I "loved" to do simply to make ends meet, not meet up with too much resistance, and so I made up my mind to LOVE what I was doing.  I went very far.  I made the decision to advance that career as far as I could.  And then, monotony hit.  And I felt dissatisfied.  And I was very, very, very tired. 


    This doesn't happen for everyone, and sometimes I think it is just my personality.  But whatever the reason, I have to deal with it...


    I guess, when you are like me and love so many things, it can be difficult to focus on just one.





    All of the above is precisely why I have made my "new" intent one which merges & integrates all of my greatest loves...


    There a couple of fields I know of which allow a person to have a career focusing within ALL of these capacities:

       ~ Photo-journalism (and I can either incorporate music in an online fashion or listen while I am creating)

       ~ Film (film production is a major outlet for all of these areas)

       ~ Video and Editorial aide for music productions

       ~ Magazines, Newspapers and other sources (again, with musical aide in the background)


    As you can see, there is much to consider and many paths that can be chosen.

    If I consider, logically, from the choices above, I will also remember my superb ability to delegate, supervise, and altogether manage multiple scenarios at one time.

    With this in mind and with what I love to do in mind, logic AND heart-centered attraction would move me towards "film production."


    Sharon, thank you for your post.  Whatever it is that you choose to do, it IS the right thing.  Even the things that end up "seeming wrong" are simply stepping stones to take us to another level that can feel better than where we were.  Nothing is for naught. 


    Your post also allowed me some room to brainstorm (thank you very much for that!) -- and although my choice as to what direction to go had all but been made up, I was still slighly uncertain, and with that uncertainty my life had become quite stagnant.  However, after writing to you, I feel very confident in the direction I am moving.  Thank you! 


    I wish you all the best and much happiness in your endeavors!

    Much Love,




    I just happened to enroll in photography school last week...& I was somewhat still shifty about it until now.

    I already have 15+ years of writing experience.

    And I have 21 years of music experience.


    I think that something will work out OK. :-) 

    Whatever it is will be right for me and also something I enjoy.





  • I'm surprised! Today during my meditations, I decided to stick with what is working and just take it to the next level.

    Thanks for your comment! 

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