How to Order from 'The Universal Restaurant'

You'll have lot's of Bacon FUN reading bout 'THE UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT'

It will tell you HOW YOU SHOULD ORDER what you WANT.

The universe you live in works very much like a popular restaurant. You go in, you decide what you want, you order it, you receive it, and you digest it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't seem to know how to order. Some are downright inept at it. They walk into this restaurant, behave like complete idiots, and they end up hungry and disappointed. Then they complain about the restaurant and post negative reviews online, despite the fact that the restaurant has received rave reviews from the most experienced food critics.

Is this happening in your life right now? Are you standing at the Universal Restaurant, waiting for your desires to manifest, and receiving only static in response? Might the reason be that the wait staff can't figure out what the heck you're actually trying to order?

The Universe is extremely adept at fulfilling your desires - but only if you have the wherewithal to decide and order what you want. If you can't do that - and it matters not what excuses you have - you will remain hungry.

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On a breakfast buffet, there is a tray with heaps of BACON.  Don't you wish you could eat 'em all?
--- Arcturus Bacon


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