Lights, Camera, ACTION!

I've been struggling for a while now with my negative thoughts. But what that's gotten me is this shell of a person. This person who is so scared to do anything, a person whos so scared to CHANGE. 

I know I have to work on my thoughts and how I perceive myself and my environment. BUT Im still having a problem taking action. I feel like if I can start building momentum and see things changing I can actually use these examples to rid those negative thoughts. 


But how do I do that? How do I take action when on one hand I can be making the biggest mistake in my life which will affect my wife and daughter, but on the other hand it could be the best thing I've ever done? 


I know this is vague but if you can help a brotha out I would love to hear what you think. 



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  • Hey Audrey, 


    Thanks so much for that. and it's helped already. 





  • Hello,

    OK, it might have been vague, but I think there are some specific things you can do with that vague question.... ;-)


    1) A list might help -- a pro's and con's list of sorts.  You can list the action you are desiring to take and the possible pros and cons that could manifest from that action.  Then, you will have it in front of you for your viewing pleasure.  Now, some of those things might not be what you "want" to see.  Some of them might be.  Some of the pros might outweigh some of the cons.  For this, I would recommend a STAR (*) system.  Go ahead and put stars next to the possible manifestations that weigh the most heavily FOR YOU.  Every one is unique -- this is not going to be the same for me as it would for you!!!!


    2) You can ALWAYS change your perception.......OF ANYTHING.  Even a "pile of doo--doo"  can look beautiful if you really think about it (at first glance it smells bad, looks bad, and even tastes gross!!!)..... BUT it manifests food, flowers, etc...and those things smell, look, and taste GOOD!   It is one's perception.... So, HOW do you change negative thoughts?  Positive affirmations are helpful.  Really though, what removes them is noticing they are there and COUNTERING them with positive ones.  If you EVER speak the word "no" in a sentence....take a moment....and see if you can restructure that sentence into one that completely removes that negative connotation.  IT CAN BE DONE!


    EX>  I don't have a pen handy to write with.

            I DO have a pencil I can use.  I HAVE SOMETHING BESIDES A PEN I CAN WRITE WITH.


    Try it.  See if it helps.


    3)  It's OK to be scared.  I think everyone is afraid of something.  Remember this though......the ONLY thing constant in life IS change.  So, you can choose to remain the same, but whether you want to or not, SOMETHING about you inevitably IS going to change!!!!!!!!  You will get older tomorrow.  You will one day have wrinkles!!!  You could change from poor to rich (or vice versa!).  If you can remember that change is happening all the time, then I think that some of the larger changes for your personal self might be easier to handle.


    I hope this helps!!!


    Much Love,


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