Push Me, Pull Me

I’ve spent a life time being pushed away from things; pushed to make more money because I was afraid I didn’t have enough; pushed to get into shape because I feared my health wasn’t good enough; pushed from fear, pushed because I was afraid and pushed again.

I believe I came by that tendancy natually, it is the way of western society and certainly the way of my family. Perhaps it is the way of nature also, I’m not really sure about that one way or the other. What do you think?

What I do know for sure is that the vast majority of people that I know are being pushed because of some fear that holds them in directions that wouldn’t be their first choice, if they felt they had a choice at all. And I must include myself in that group of people I know.

I am an avid student of ‘the magic of life.’ In fact, I run an on line magazine called The Magic Happens. (The Magic Happens is still up but hasn’t been updated in more then a year do to some key players having to deal with a tragic family illness. There is however some awesome back issues to read. We will be resuming publication on January 1st, 2013.)

What ‘the magic of life’ means to me is to influence myself, my life experience and to some degree, my environment, through making concious choices to behave in a way that doesn’t come naturally to me. A great example of this is positive thinking; it is amazing how much life changes when one applies a possitive attitude towards it. If you live in a western culture, you must be aware of how rare a natually positive person really is. For most folks, employing a positive attitude requires practice, patience and a long term commitment, however, the effort creates many rewards.

The thing about life magic is that it usually requires one to apply the opposite to what one would normally do. Positive thinking is the opposite of negative thinking.

AND pull is the opposite to push.

So what happens when we stop being pushed away from things that we are afraid of and start allowing the things we love and are passionate about to pull us toward it? That is what happens those first few steamy months when two people first fall in love. They are both being pulled toward their passion for each other and I believe that is the reason those early months of a new love leaves both parties unreasonably happy; both of them are fully focused on where they are and where they are going that theyare passionate about instead of where they are at the moment that they don’t want.

What if we could be pulled toward what we love and are passionate about?

What if we could notice the push and then turn our attention to the pull?

I’m not suggesting that we all quit our jobs and forget paying our bills in favour of painting or fishing, but isn’t it reasonable to think we could get creative and begin the process of building a life where we can paint or fish and still pay our way? Isn’t it reasonable to think we could notice that we are being pushed by our fear of not being able to pay the bills and turn our attention toward what we really want to be when we grow up?

I believe that being pulled toward passion may just be the answer to many problems, both personal and national. Imagine if large percentages of any given population began getting creative and invented their own personalized way of making their way in life. Imagine how the western culture would evolve and improve if more people could do it their own way.

At the turn of the century 90% of North America worked for themselves. Most of them did what they loved and what they were good at. It was during the great depression that a job became important, those with a job were considered to be the safe ones because they didn’t have to find their own money, it was found for them by their employers.

Imagine if we could go back to the way of earning a living where we were all supported by our passion, but in a modern, more mature way.

I’ve been working on learning to follow my passion for a number of years now and I gotta say, it is working well, in ways I never expected. I love my life and I know that no matter what comes up, I can do what I need to do in joy and with passion.

How about you? What would it take to get you on your way to passion?

What push could you notice and then turn around to your passion?

ed happiness but rather, the journey.

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    Love and best wishes to you and yours :-)

  • YES!!! These thoughts... these words.... it's... KAT!!!!! (drat, think I forgot to leave you my #... I so miss you!!!)

    AND... you bring to mind the Steve Jobs quote.


    I agree... being pulled toward passion IS the answer to many problems!

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