Using the Law of Attraction for a New Job

Good Afternoon Positive Thinkers!


I'd like to ask for your help.  My path in life has been changing for the last two years since I got a divorce.  I am in a low paying job because I thought it would be a stepping stone position while I went back to school and got my Masters so I could teach.  The income didn't matter while I was married, but now that I am divorced, it has affected my life a lot.


I have finally accepted that I need to go in a different direction and move to a new city.  I made this decision simultaneously over the summer, right before I read "The Secret."


I have applied for many positions.  I believe that I am worthy and capable of all of them, I believe that the employers would be thrilled to have me, and that I would be ecstatic to take on this new opportunity.  But...doubt creeps in, the longer it takes.


Not doubt in my power, but doubt in the economy, doubt in the waiting.


Also, I haven't been visualizing and really feeling the joy of how I will feel when this happens.  I also don't have a very specific position in mind, just one that I will love, that will pay me sufficient money, one that will be in the right city, and one that I will excel at. Do you believe that could be part of the hold up?


Thank you for your help and insight!

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  • Looking at the date of this post, my hope is that you already have a teaching job in a new city that you adore!   I've manifested many, many jobs and the key is to be able to either *get very specific* or *picture yourself doing the work* before applying.  The absolute right match for our job quests exist, and we often let anxiety tempt us into substandard job offerings because they show up more quickly.  Strive to spend the precious hours of your life doing tasks that give you pleasure -- and income will show up.

  • This is a very interesting concept and I'll tell you why.  Sometimes I feel like I should keep it to myself because it makes me feel like I DO have it, that I have ownership of it, that I have the power to create it and I don't want anyone else to "kill my buzz" so to speak.  However, they also say in different LOA books to live like you have it, to talk like you have it. which gives it more boost, more energy?

  • I am positive that it could be the reason you are not receiving it, I know how it feels to have doubt creeping over the dreams you have in mind. I used to get many rejections to different interviews and once I said to myself  "I am not scared of it and if it happens it will happen and let go, what I visualized came true." 

    I am not sure if you know about Dr Wayne Dyer teaching but he said NOT to tell anybody what you want to manifest because this will dissipate the energy you put into it. Some people criticize this theory but to me if you have doubt getting in your way, it is worth the try.

    Good Luck. 

  • That TOTALLY makes sense!! Thank you, Karen!  I have not read or heard about the "airtime principle" but fromhow you explained it, I understand,and I will also look into it.

    • It's when Abraham talks about dialing into a particular radio station. Example, if we want to receive 89.7 but are tuned into 104, we won't hear what we want to hear. Same for the vibration we offer. If we want to receive abundance but are tuned into lack, we can't possibly receive abundance. So give more air time to the station/vibration we desire! And then let LOA do its thing, which it's always doing. We just have to pay attention to our own point of focus, because LOA responds to that and only that. Our point of focus is EVERYTHING.

  • ooooooh doubt. It's what always kinks our flow. Have you applied Abraham's "airtime" principle? That is, give more airtime to those things that feel good, which in your case would be evidence of your own power. And thus you'll be giving less airtime to those things that create feelings of doubt, which in your case would be evidence of doubt in the economy, doubt in measuring how long things take to manifest.

    Yes, do visualize and feel the joy of how you'll feel in work that you enjoy for the work itself and for the money you'll receive in that position. What's the essence of that feeling? Where else in your life right now do you feel the same? Focus on the feeling, everywhere you can find that feeling, and you will begin to feel more abundant right now.

    Give more airtime to feeling good and you will automatically be giving less airtime to feeling anything less than that. 

    Hope this helps.


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