The Magic Happens is the banner that Wayne and I have been living under for almost a decade now. We realized after a time that the more we focused on the magic happening, the more it did.
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The Magic Happens Every Single Day In Every Single Life. It's A Simple Matter Of Seeing It!

Hi Everyone. :-)

The Magic Happens is the banner that I and The Magic Happens Team have been living and working under for more then a decade now. We realized after a time that the more we focused on the magic happening, the more it did. As our focus on this concept grew, we started to really feel alive and thrive in the world, and we wanted to share the beauty of it - so we started The Magic Happens Magazine. (I'll get back to the magazine in a minute.)

Thriving, or the art of truly living; feeling alive, is deeply connected to love, reverence and a profound appreciation for every aspect of life. That may seem obvious, but how does one get there? That is not always so obvious, so we created this group to support us all in learning how to flow in harmony with the great mystery called life.

The magazine, while it has its place and purpose, simply wasn't enough; this group is intended to fill the need for real human interaction to support growth and true happiness. We are so very grateful that you are here with us and we look forward to sharing in everyone's divine magic.

Now back to The Magic Happens Magazine.

The magazine, as I have already expressed; is about thriving in life, living the art of being alive and being in love with each moment. It is edited by the beautiful Mary K Weinhagen,

Annette Rochelle Aben, Peter Grun McCarthy, Wayne Parker and me - Kat McCarthy.

We also have a number of beautiful columnists contributing to the magazine. Who writes each month fluctuates so I will leave it to you to visit the magazine and find out who is with us. We are always looking for more loving columnists, so if you love to write and love your life, please contact me to discuss having your own column in our magazine. :-)

The Magic Happens Magazine is a monthly internet publication that is free to read.

The Magic Happens Radio is a recent addition to our media efforts. Drop by, have a listen. There is great uplifting indy music and a few raw talk shows as well.

The Magic Happens Magazine
The Magic Happens on Facebook

We appreciate that you are here. We are eternally grateful for every chance we have to contribute and grow. Please share your ideas with us, no matter how far out they may seem. You will find us pretty far out sometimes. :-)

We have only 4 rules.
1. Everyone's beliefs are valid. Please don't push your beliefs on anyone.
2. Be kind to yourself. We are all perfectly imperfect!
3. Be kind to others. Everyone deserves a break. It's better to be silent than to cause hurt.
4. No spamming. We've all had enough of that, haven't we?

In deep love and respect
On behalf of The Magic Happens Crew

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  • Clicked "the magic happens radio." That kind of magic is pretty common on the net, but they could use a little more clothes. Also a few words of English instead of Chinese would be nice. Did you maybe mistype your link?
  • 💖🦄💖🤍🌞💥🙏
  • Yes! Thank You Universe 🙏🏻
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  • Has anybody here use this guys for spiritual help?
  • Has anybody here use this guys for spiritual help?
  • I believe in positive thinking and what you think is what you are. When I was 6 years old I discovered what I thought is what happens to me. I pretended to be sick so I wouldn't have to go to school and told my mother, who was a nurse that I had a stomach ache, I didn't. That I had a headache - I didn't and so on. She let me stay home and within an hour, I had all of the things I told her I had. So at that young age, I learned this and to this day believe it as I've seen it many times come true.

  • Just joined and happy to be among magical thinking people.

  • Magic to me means that anything is possible and anything means anything good!

  • Someone told me once to pay close attention to what is happening outside of myself and pay close attention to my feelings about it. It has been a real eye opener to see things that I might have missed otherwise. A recent event really made me stop and think and I realized that some of the beliefs I had about the situation were way off target~ mainly because I paid more attention to others' point of view, etc. than my own internal.

    I am new to this group and I love the fact that magic is a keyword here!

    Thank you :)

  • Hey People, hope everybody is doing well.

    I would really love some thoughts/tips on how to win a contest, I have been dying to win for months now. Has anyone here ever won something like that with the help of LOA? Any help will be hugely appreciated.

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Great New Writers!

We have a lot of great new writer's at The Magic Happens Magazine these days, it would be worth dropping by and taking a look. :)AND if you ever thought that you would like to be a writer or write a book some day, please contact us for details, we would love to support you. Contact Me at my Facebook page.Here is a few great quotes from our writers in the form of a video we made.Talk soon!

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The Magic That I believe

There are many people who believe in magic. They believe in ghosts, witches and in the fortunetellers. Some go to the extreme of actually paying people to rid their houses of ghosts; others to have their future told to them. I believe in magic. Not that kind of magic that we read on books or see in movies. It’s not the magic in those fairytale and those superstitions. But the magic which I believe the most and it’s the life that God had given to me. A life that full of mysterious happenings. A…

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help please??

Hi allI need some help in my relationship.It is a same sex relationship.My girlfriend is suddenly hit with grief of her mother's passing three years ago. She is in a dark place right now.This took a massive turn for the worse a week ago when her ex contacted her claiming my girlfriend has ruined her life and torn her heart to shreads. The ex told this to her in person as she arrived at her home. She told it to my girlfriends son, family and friends. She said she wants my girlfriend back.My…

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