" We must be before we can do, and we can do only to the extent which we are, and what we are depends upon what we think. "“ Fear is just the opposite of money consciousness. “
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  • I've a question about lesson 2. What does he mean by mastering our minds? Do I've to be able to keep it empty for 20 minutes for 7 straight days or 1 day is good enough?
  • Has anyone got any MKS success stories, how has it improved your life? come on guys lets get this group going!
  • Folks, good, exciting morning to you.
    I am on part 21 now with The Master Key System. I'm goen with it and so far I've not accomplished any of my goals. Who has had a break through, a visualization realized, anything?
    I do understand this much, people are having successes everyday and if they can, I can too. It's a new year, my goals are in writing, some meticulously planned out and they will all be achieved, this year.
    Thanks for reading, help me out if you can.
  • Charlse Haanel was an amzing visionary. I would say he was way ahead of his time, but James Allen, Prentice Mumford, Wallace Wattles, Joseph Murphy and a host of others were all saying the same plain truth about the same time. Humanity just wasn't listening. Now, with advertising TV Internet etc, mas marketers like Wayne Dyer, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra * Neale Donald Walsch have gotten this information out there.
    No one, but no one has said it any paliner & simpler than Charlse Haanel.
    I wonder how he was regarded in his day. A heritic? A rabble rouser? or a lunitic????
  • I have had the book for awhile,
    this group is very motivating
  • Thanks for having me.

    James Allen, wrote, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
    from top of page:"what we are depends upon what we think. "
    same thinking from different minds!
  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to this group, (although I've been a PI member for about half a year now) just joined today. I actually didn't know there's such a group, but I have started with the Master Key System since September, and right now I am on Part 12. The first few parts were a breeze because I am not new to meditation and visualization, but sometimes it takes me more than a week to master other parts. But I am continuously following the lessons taught here because I know it will teach me great things.
  • Hi - I'm working on Chapter 5 going on to 6. I listen to the mp3s and have this on my iPod. The only reason I have an iPod is for positive audio material such as this... (altho music snuck in there at sometime). Anyway, I listen daily and especially go to sleep with this.
    Already it is working. At the workplace and more. As some of this is a work in progress I'll give full details later.
    I am also a Nichiren Buddhist and have been chanting as well and I find my wisdom and understanding increasing so much through both. One has been helping more with my day to day, and the other has been nourishing my spirit. In the end, everything is in everything and I'm loving the fact that I'm feeling it instead of thinking it as I usually over-intellectualize things.
  • I am on week 2 of MKM, and i am loving it. It was so nice find this community.
  • I love what Synergy wrote on p. 3, 4/28/08. I have read Lesson One of the Master Key System and will study for one week as directed. I have been reading The Science of Getting Rich. I am committed to reading the materials until completed and am excited about the end result but I will not rush through the process. Instead, I will read and re-read and read again, if necessary, until I get it. blessings to all.
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Understanding the LoA

Dear Members,I have come to the realization that after two years of looking for a way to condition myself in order to fully understand and allow the law of attraction to work in my life in a positive fashion...it started with The Secret...then countless book and videos searching and applying what I learned, when all the time there were two e-books I had downloaded, for free, from The Secret web site...The Science of Getting Rich and The Master Key System...that had all the answers I needed...Do…

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Chapter 5

So, I've just listened through Chapter five, twice, and read the text at the same time. I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do in the exercise. Focus on a place with pleasant associations, make a complete mental picture ... and the focus on the ideal. "At first, you will find yourself thinking of everything under the sun, except the ideal upon which you desire to concentrate."I'm sorry, I'm not following... focus on the ideal place?Help, anyone?Thanks! =)

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Letting Go

I am finishing Part 4 up today. I let go of hate, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble, disappointment and above all resentment. On this Fathers day I let go of all hate and anger and resentment I have ever felt for my Father and say. I'm sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I love you.Michael

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