This group is dedicated to Rhonda Byrne and her newest book "The Power". For all who wish to share in giving the gifts of love, joy and Peace. Come join us in discussing this wonderful book and applying these principles to our lives.
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  • i just read that book last night before i go to sleep and i just understand somthing very neccesary that i dont even understand when read first book
  • We've go a new discussion up! I am hoping one of you will have something about
    'The Power' that you want to talk about. If you do, add a discussion.
    Love and Light,
  • Welcome to all our new members! Please feel free to add a discussion or post comments about 'The Power' and your feelings about it. I am so happy you are all here and hope you will invite others to join us!
    Love and Light,
  • im looking forward too read it
  • tis is wonderful book, i buy it this week ans trat to read it
  • Hello EveryOne! I am hoping this group will be ready to openly discuss 'The Power" and how it is working in our lives. I am interested in posting discussions on each chapter. I have waited to see how many more members we have attracted. I will be adding a discussion today on where you are in reading this book. In discussin a book like this we will no doubt reveal the intent of the book so if anyone has not read the book yet or is still reading it, I suggest you only read the discussions for the chapters you have completed.
    Please encourage your friends and fellow members of Powerful Intentions to join us here in our group.
    Love and Light,
  • What a wonderful book .. everything you need simply put and straightforward .. in a compact book without pages of chatter in a leadup to get to the point. lol

    I love this book!! :)
  • Welcome to the group! Feel free to make yourself at home and share your input about the book, your experiences and feelings. Start a discussion or post a comment.
    Love to all,
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Unexpected Check

So I was reading The Power today for the second time and after reading the chapter about stating all the things you love I started doing just that. One of the things I stated was that I love getting unexpected checks in the mail and wouldn't you know it, today I came home and there was a totally unexpected check for $15 from a class action suit.

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Blemishes Vanishing..

I haven't read this book for a while but have it on my ipod so I listen instead. There is a part towards the end where she says about when you're on a total high frequency all the time, feeling happy and feeling love for everything and everybody, then wrinkles fade, moles disappear etc.. this kind of seems a bit too good to be true but if anybody has any input or has actually experienced this then I'd be interested to hear about it.

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