We all know the importance of being grateful. Do you keep a gratitude journal? Let's make it even more powerful and do it together! Set the tone for your day by visiting this space every morning and sharing your reasons for joy!
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  • Just wanna give thanks for being alive on this beautiful day and wish everyone on here love peace and blessings from my heart <3 <3 <3
    May we all fulfill our dreams. x
  • I am grateful for a schedule that can be juggled so that I can rest and get well.

    I am grateful for a co/host that understands that getting well is needed and a must.

    I am grateful for medication that is speeding up my recovery.

    I am grateful that I keep my body and mind humming with positive mental pictures.

    I am grateful for a husband that has taken care of me.

    I am grateful that in the afternoon I hurt less.

    I am grateful for the cards and well wishes.

    I am grateful that this is almost over and I will be in tiptop shape sooOOOn!

    I am grateful I made my apt today.

    I am grateful I got my intake finished.
  • Thank You!!! That was such a Beautiful Movie...
    Peace. Love and (en)Light~~
  • I am grateful for being able to express gratitude (-;
    I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life as all people and situations bring me great opportunities for learning and healing
    G-D BLESS ALL x x x
  • This morning, I am grateful...
    That I am here
    For my husband
    That I can still write
    For my friends
    For silent moments
    God Bless!
  • I am so grateful to continue my quest for enlightenment and peace of mind.
  • I am soo grateful for the for all my new friends here and all the unselfish sharing. May all your days be prosperous. Lots of Love to everyone.
  • This has been the most challenging month of my entire 51 years. I am in complete gratitude for the awareness of the divine interceding and guiding us through these difficulties. Each moment has unfolded with a miracle.
  • I am sooo grateful for all the wonderful things that are currently happening for me and all the wonderful things on it's was from the unirverse!! I LOVE LIFE IT IS SOOO AMAZING=)

    Many Blessings,
  • I miss gratitude lists on this site!!! Somehow, I can do one on Facebook and it's all good, but I have to also deal with the things which are a bit less enlightened. Oof.

    I am grateful...
    for this group!
    For Kaia.
    For my loving husband, Alex.
    For the money which is coming my way.
    For the SoCal cold weather, due tomorrow.
    For my parents.
    That my father is going to have a successful and easy surgery on Monday... please send light.
    For apples.
    For my kitties.
    For the overflowing sense of peace which has come by returning to PI.
    God Bless.
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